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ShiKage08’s Journey to Viper

Well, GMS released Pirates a few months ago, but I thought some of you may want to see my progress with my Viper in JMS, since some of you have been asking me for it.

August 5th, 2008 Update : I got to level 54 today in JMS, and then I decided to go to HHG to test my damage. I can do double 2600 on snails, and double 2400 on the monsters I train on. My equips are a 5 attack work glove, 100%’d overall, 100%’d average level 50 Knuckle, a 3 dex bamboo hat, and 2 speed shoes (lol).

This was my damage at level 54 with Double Upper

August 7th Update : I had to give that 5 attack work glove back to the owner, but I bought a 7 attack glove. Here’s some updates on my progress…

You wanted to see my Screw Punch damage, so here it is at level 57:

This was my damage at level 57 with Screw Punch

This was my damage at level 57 with Screw Punch

Here’s my Double Upper damage at level 57 (I CAN do 3k 3k, but here you see me doing 2.7k and 3k):

This was my damage at level 57 with Double Upper

This was my damage at level 57 with Double Upper

Here’s my damage range at level 57 with a TakoYaki (20 attack pot in JMS):

Here’s my damage range at level 57 without any add-ons:

Here’s my Screw Punch damage on Gollems at level 57:

And finally, here’s today’s progress:

August 20th Update: Level 82 now! My equips are: Clean level 80 Hat (3 str 2 dex), 100%ed Level 80 Overall (6 str 12 dex), clean level 80 shoes (3 str 2 dex), 7 attack Work Glove, 100%ed Level 80 Knuckle (74 weapon attack), Average Speiglman Necklace (1 str, 1 dex, 1 int, 1 luk), clean Goblin Cape (5 str).

Level 82 Double Upper Damage:

Level 82 Screw Punch Damage:

Note: I do, also, have critical attacks, however, due to not being able to stun a snail, due to overkill, I can’t show you my true max damage. However, my damage with Double Upper with Critical was around 6.5k and my Screw Punch was doing a little over 9k damage with Critical on Gollems.

August 25th update: I hit level 90 today!

Equip upgrades : 79 attack level 90 Knuckle (100% scrolled, again. xP)

Level 90 Damage Range with a Takoyaki:

Level 90 Damage Range clean:

Level 90 Double Upper Damage:

Level 90 Screw Punch damage:

September 11th Update: Ok… Here’s a new update. Sorry this wasn’t sooner. It gets extremely boring when you’re training by yourself at duals for 20+ levels…

Anwyays, I hit level 100 tonight!

Here’s my range without a TakoYaki:

Here’s my range WITH a TakoYaki:

Here’s my keyboard layout for those curious about how many skills we Buccaneers actually have at our disposal (I know my set up is weird, Lol) :

If you don’t already know, here’s what my skill-to-key setup is :
A: Straight
D: Double Upper
F: SomerSault Kick
V: Back Elbow
B: Screw Punch
T: Energy Buster
Y: ShockWave
Page Down : Transform

Equipment :
Helmet: 4/4/4/5 Level 90 Maple Helmet
Face : 4 accuracy Fox Mask (Not needed lol)
Mouth : 5 str leaf (Going to lose it soon)
Overall : 6 str 12 dex level 80 overall
Glove : 7 attack white work glove
Shoes : 3 str 2 dex level 80 shoes
Cape : 2 attack 6 dex Pink Adventure cape
Earrings : 5 dex Strawberry Earrings (I have an 8 dex set of Gold Earrings, but I’m trying to sell those for profit)
Knuckle : 6 str 87 attack King Sent
Ring : 1/1/1/1 Wedding ring
Necklace : 1/1/1/1 Speigleman Neckalce

September 23rd Update: I wasn’t able to get to level 110 last night and I’ll probably be level 111 by the end of the night, so here’s my stats at level 109.

Damage with Double Upper  (7K and 8K):

Damage with Screw Punch:

Damage with Max ShockWave:

Damage range with a TakoYaki:

Damage range without a TakoYaki:

November 15th Update:Alright, here’s an update of me at level 124 :

My clean damage range at level 124:

My damage range with a 20 attack potion:

My damage with level 2 Rapid Fists:

My damage with Double Upper (probably can do better) :

My damage with Screw Punch (I KNOW I can do higher):

March 7th Update :
Ok. I hit level 130 a couple of days  ago! Sharp Eyes is a freaking SEXY skill with Vipers… My lord! I know I’m weak compared to you GMS players with your DEXlessness and your godly scrolled equips and your chaos scrolls, but I’m proud of my character, being trained from level 1 – 120 within two months training from 1 – 100 solo and not using anything but 100%ed equips until level 110-ish. 🙂 Here’s my crap damage for you :

Level up to 130

Damage Range with 20 Attack Potion:

Damage Range with SE30, MH10 and a 20 attack Potion

Damage with Rapid Fists with Max SE:

Level 1 Demolition + SE30 :

SE + Dragon Strike level 12:

I was amazed when I saw the increase in the damage percent of Dragon Strike from level 9 to 12. It went from 395% to 490%… That’s a crazy leap!

I just got a new overall for 20mil. ^^
New damage with Dragon Strike level 12

Damage with Maple Hero 20 and a takoyaki


New Damage Range :

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