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MapleStory Japan – Big Bang in less than a week!

Yes, that’s right! Japan’s version of MapleStory is receiving the huge change to the game on November 24th. Luckily, Nexon Japan hosted an open-to-all test server exhibition from November 3rd until the 15th and I was able to participate. Of course, it was full of errors, bugs, and a whole mess of problems. I sure hope they will have it ready by the date of release.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Nexon Japan put up a very cool looking promo page for the Big Bang patch. You can check it out by clicking here.

You may notice something funny about the promo. They stole Spadow’s translated version of the Big Bang comic. Well, I guess that’s not the first time a branch of Nexon has done such a thing.

I’m extremely excited for this patch, although my Viper is going to lose all of its invulnerability frames. (Q_Q)

No longer will I be able to train like this :

It’s sad to see all of the invulnerability frames go! All level 161 of my levels that I gained are practically gone. I’m pretty much playing a different character now and I will be spending money on potions like no tomorrow (and I can’t even afford potions with my current budget).

In other news, Global MapleStory currently has a test phase in progress for their Big Bang patch. The current assumed date of release is either December 1st or around the 7th. No one is sure which date it will arrive yet, since Nexon America hasn’t released that information, but they did put up a teaser page for the Big Bang patch a day or two ago. You can visit that by clicking here. It certainly isn’t as flashy as the Japanese promo page, but it does get the point across.

With all of this news of Big Bang, things are pretty hectic. Some people are quitting out of rage of how Nexon butchered their class and others are extremely excited.

Anyway, I hope to get more information soon. Maybe I’ll even post some videos of Big Bang after its release in JMS.

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  1. Kyle
    May 20, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    GMS did the exact same video for their Big Bang, did they not?

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