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Dragon Ball Online – Taiwanese VIP Beta Test!




Dragon Ball Online has recently gone into Closed Beta Test in Taiwan. Since before this, there has only been a Korean version and I’ve lost my account to the Korean version, I took the chance to play this Beta.

Dragon Ball Online is a pretty fun game. It lacks dynamic gameplay, which most people expect from a Dragon Ball game, and the graphics are kind of bad, although they’re fitting of the Dragon Ball series, but the game itself is pretty good. Unfortunately, not being able to read Korean or Chinese, I’m kind of screwed until a Japanese or English version of the game is released.

In Dragon Ball Online, you’re essentially fighting for the sake of all of the history that makes up the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z franchise. The date is some hundred years after the events of Goku defeating Buu at the end of Dragon Ball Z and you’re entangled in this mess where this evil being is trying to change history.  You (either Human, Namekian, or Buu) must travel through time to save and learn from the characters from the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z series. However, you’re not alone. There’s someone you may know who helps you out during this entire game — future Trunks! Trunks travels through time to make sure everything goes how the events of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z played out, but he can’t do it alone, which is where you step into the picture.

Throughout this game, you travel through time via portals to learn abilities from the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z characters, you travel in a time machine to major events in the Dragon Ball Z story line, like the Saiyan attack (Vegeta and Nappa), and help the Z Fighters defeat their foes! However, they’re not the same foes you’ve watched on TV as a child. The evil being, whom you must stop, super charges these characters and makes history at stake, meaning the Z Fighters couldn’t normally stop them.

Today, I decided to record a lot of what I got to play on the Taiwanese VIP Beta server and here are the videos I put on YouTube :

















You’re probably wondering how I, as a Human, became a Super Saiyan. Well, the Humans in Dragon Ball Online are decendants of the Saiyans who once lived on Earth hundreds of years beforehand. Normally, they could not become Super Saiyan, given the fact that they’re only about 0.0001% Saiyan. However, when you get to the proper level, if you summon Shenron, the dragon, you can wish to bring out your Saiyan potential and unlock the ability to become Super Saiyan. I, however, used a potion given out by GMs in the Taiwanese Beta test to go Super Saiyan.

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