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JMST Closed Early!

The Rebirth System is to not be implemented!!





Nexon Japan has closed down the test server and announced that the reincarnation system will not be implemented. In fact, they have decided to put it on hold and make massive adjustments to it before they decide whether or not to bring it back.

According to GM Nunnnuko’s Twitter posts, Nexon Japan closed down the test server at 12:00 Japan time. He also proceeded to say that the reincarnation system is not to be implemented presently. He then stated that they may do another test server sometime in the future for this system’s return.

It is not certain if we will see this system return. Due to the unpopularity and the mass amount of problems they’ve already had with this system, I don’t think even bringing it back for another testing phase is a good idea. It should be scrapped entirely.

The bugs my friends and I have discovered in this server are the following :

  1. Bandits (before rebirthing, may I add) cannot make the 2nd job advancement, even when they’ve allocated 61 SP in their first job skill book. The first job instructor proceeds to yell at you to put more points in your first job skill tree, but you can’t. You have to over-level to 31 and put an extra skill point into your first job skills before you can advance. This also made it so you can’t make the 3rd job advancement until 71 or the 4th job advancement until 121.
  2. Infighters (before rebirthing) could not make the third job advancement. Similar to the Bandit issue, Infighters are yelled at for not having enough SP allocated, even though they have 61 SP in their 1st job skills and 121 SP in their 2nd job skills already. They, too, had to over-level to 71 and add extra SP to their 1st or 2nd job skills before they could make the 3rd job advancement. This means they could not advance to Viper until after level 121.
  3. Rebirthed characters did not receive their initial 1 SP you get from advancing to 1st job. This means you only had 60 SP for first job, which means you can’t make the 2nd, 3rd and 4th job advancements until level 31, 71, and 121.
  4. Rebirthed characters could not start to allocate second job SP until 71 or higher.  This meant that at 71, you can put 3 and only 3 SP in your 2nd job skills and that continued to be that way each time you leveled until you managed to get 121 points in your second job skill book. This meant you couldn’t make the third job advancement until after level 110 or so. That also meant that you could not make the fourth job advancement until you’ve allocated all of your 151 SP into 3rd job skills, which meant that you could not make your fourth job advancement until long after level 120.
  5. If you were a Night Lord or Shadower and you rebirthed into a non-Thief, if you were to use Flash Jump, your client would instantly crash.
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  1. random
    May 20, 2011 at 2:00 pm

    aw, I thought it was a pretty neat idea.

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