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JMS Version 1.93 – Flying Mounts, LHC, and more!




Today, JapanMS upgraded to version 1.93. With it came the newest guild updates, world map updates, LHC and the addition of Ultimate Adventurer information into the WZ files! Of course, Ultimate Adventurer isn’t out yet, but we can definitely expect to see it next patch! In addition to this update, Nexon Japan gave mounts the ability to fly, as you can see in the video above.





To give your mount the ability to fly, you must go to the NPC “オスト” in the event map, talk to him and select his fourth option (“ライディングカバーをスキルに変更します。”). This part is entirely free. The mounts which you can do this with are the following :


-Red Draco
-Mir (3rd Stage)
-Balrog (Pachinko or Cash Shop)
-Hot Air Balloon (Pachinko or Cash Shop)
-撫子Fly High (Pachinko or Cash Shop)
-Pegasus (Pachinko or Cash Shop)
-Dragon (Pachinko or Cash Shop)
-Magical Broom (Pachinko or Cash Shop)
-Flying Cloud (Pachinko or Cash Shop)
-Cygnus Knight Boat (Pachinko or Cash Shop)
-Nightmare (Pachinko or Cash Shop)
-Transparent Balrog (Pachinko or Cash Shop)
-Horned Owl (Pachinko or Cash Shop)
-Helicopter (Pachinko or Cash Shop)




After turning your mount into a skill, you need to go to Chief Tatamo in Leafre to buy an Ancient Dragon Scale for 50,000,000 Mesos. After you’ve bought that from him, you then go to the Dragon Rider PQ entrance map and talk to the NPC “Matata.” He’ll give you the mount flying skill in exchange for that Ancient Dragon Scale.

To fly, you simply get on your mount and press ↑ and Jump at the same time. To stop flying, you press ↓ and Jump at the same time, or just press your mount key and dismount entirely.

Flying is a good way to get through maps without taking damage, or going up and down Eos Tower, Helios Tower, Orbis Tower or other vertical maps that would take longer normally.

You can fly in almost every map, excluding the free market and ticket booths. You also cannot fly in Aqua Road maps, since there’s water. Of course, that doesn’t matter anyway, since you can swim. Lol



Most of you are probably already aware of the following change, but Nexon Japan just added these changes to the world Map today :




Also added today were some new face styles. Here’s an image of them :



I personally don’t like any of them, but that’s just my opinion.


The one main thing I’m excited about is the implementation of 獅子王の城! I’ve been waiting for this for a while, so I could level up my Viper a bit more.



Sadly, when I got there, the place was completely emtpy. ;~; Not a single soul was to be found. It seems either the Japanese players don’t really know how good it is yet, or they just don’t care. I hope to see more people there soon, because I really want to start leveling faster!


Also, here are the patch notes for today’s patch in English :



ver1.93’s update contents are as following.
1. Point Items were added.

 ・Friend Carrot Ribbon

 ・Teruteru Balloon (Pink)
 ・Teruteru Balloon (Blue)
 ・Teruteru Balloon (Yellow)

 ・Surprised Riding Ticket

 [Beauty Supplies]
 ・Royal Plastic Surgery Ticket

 ○The following items are on discount.

 [On discount until 6/14]
 ・Karma Scissor Set (2 Karma Scissors, 8 Jade Protectors)
 ・Pam’s Song Set 1 (5 Pam’s Song, 1 Vicious’ Hammer) Removed in finalized patch notes.
 ・Pam’s Song Set 2 (9 Pam’s Song, 2 Vicious’ Hammer) Removed in finalized patch notes.

 [On discount until 6/29]
 ・Looking For A Lover [5 days/30 days]
 ・Heart [5 days/30 days]
 ・Throbing Heart [5 days/30 days]
 ・Looking For A Wedding Companion[5 days/30 days]
 ・Heart Mark
 ・Cute Mark
 ・Magic Heart Stick
 ・Rainbow Heart Earring
 ・Under One Umbrella
 ・Red String
 ・Shocking Pink Heart
 ・Heart Katyusha
 ・Pink Heart Pants

2. Items were added to the game.
 ・Max Van Leon Helmet
 ・Alma Van Leon Helmet
 ・Pax Van Leon Helmet
 ・Nox Van Leon Helmet
 ・Cora Van Leon Helmet

 ・Max Van Leon Suit
 ・Alma Van Leon Suit
 ・Pax Van Leon Suit
 ・Nox Van Leon Suit
 ・Cora Van Leon Suit

 ・Alma Van Leon Mantle
 ・Pax Van Leon Mantle
 ・Nox Van Leon Mantle
 ・Cora Van Leon Mantle
 ・Max Van Leon Mantle

 ・Max Van Leon War Boots
 ・Alma Van Leon War Boots
 ・Pax Van Leon War Boots
 ・Nox Van Leon War Boots
 ・Cora Van Leon War Boots

 ・Max Van Leon Hand Guard
 ・Alma Van Leon Hand Guard
 ・Pax Van Leon Hand Guard
 ・Nox Van Leon Hand Guard
 ・Cora Van Leon Hand Guard

 ・Max Van Leon Saber
 ・Witch’s Broom
 ・Nox Van Leon Dagger
 ・Alma Van Leon Wand
 ・Alma Van Leon Staff
 ・Max Van Leon Sword
 ・Max Van Leon Spear
 ・Max Van Leon Tabal
 ・Pax Van Leon Bow
 ・Pax Van Leon Crossbow
 ・Nox Van Leon Guards
 ・Cora Van Leon Claw
 ・Cora Van Leon Pistol

 ・Barrier Totem
 ・Knight’s Scroll
 ・Lion King’s Medal
 ・Alcaster’s Crystal

 ・Van Leon Chair
 ・Chuutaro Chair
 ・Owl Chair

3. New quests have been added.
 [General Quests]
 ・New World Map Functionality
 ・Dia’s G-Potion
 ・Rescue the Citizens!
 ・Key Maker Zen’s Adventure
 ・Zen’s Younger Brother
 ・The First Tower’s Key
 ・2nd Tower’s Key
 ・3rd Tower’s Key
 ・Lion King’s Knight
 ・Competely Changed King
 ・Knight’s Document
 ・Defeat the Lion King
 ・Crying Queen
 ・King That Doesn’t Believe
 ・Key to the Rose Park
 ・King in Denial
 ・Why Did the King Change?
 ・Ice Covered Heart
 ・Could There Be Hope?
 ・Mat’s Letter
 ・Alcaster’s Crystal
 ・Scadle’s Request
 ・Scadle’s Truth
 ・Ghost of the Snowy Mountain
 ・Alcaster’s Talisman
 ・Zombie Raid
 ・Zombie Mystery
 ・Remains of Prohibited Magic
 ・Priest of Taboo
 ・Barrier Totem
 ・Shadowy Ghost of the Medicinal Field
 ・Herb Town’s Evil Connection of Many Years
 ・Let’s Fly!
 ・Ancient Dragon’s Scale

4. New maps were added.
 ・2nd Training Area
 ・Path to the Castle’s Back Yard
 ・Castle’s Safe Area
 ・Battle Cry of Victory
 ・Ani’s Prison Cell
 ・Secret Corridor
 ・Gloomy Auditorium
 ・Dangerous First Tower Room
 ・Lonely Field
 ・Castle Entrance
 ・Below the Castle Walls 1/2/3/4/5
 ・First Tower
 ・First Tower Room
 ・Second Tower
 ・Second Tower Room
 ・Third Tower
 ・Third Tower Room
 ・Short Castle Walls 1/2/3
 ・High Castle Walls 1/2
 ・Fourth Tower
 ・Fourth Tower Room
 ・Super Tall Castle Walls
 ・Fifth Tower
 ・Fifth Tower Room
 ・Corridor Before the Auditorium
 ・Floating Prison
 ・Recovered Castle Room

5. New monsters have been added.
 ・Gatekeeper Crocky
 ・Blood Reindeer
 ・Grey Vulcher
 ・Castle Golem
 ・Jailer Boar
 ・Jailer Rhino
 ・First Tower Ani
 ・Second Tower Ani
 ・Third Tower Ani
 ・Jailer Ani
 ・Van Leon
 ・Mini Castle Golem
 ・Demon Gargoyl
 ・Red Crocky

6. Cosmetic surgery has been added.
 ・Face 24♂
 ・Face 32♂
 ・Face 33♂
 ・Face 34♂
 ・Face 43♂
 ・Face 44♂
 ・Face 45♂
 ・Face 47♂
 ・Face 48♂
 ・Face 49♂

 ・Face 23♀
 ・Face 24♀
 ・Face 31♀
 ・Face 32♀
 ・Face 43♀
 ・Face 44♀
 ・Face 45♀
 ・Face 46♀
 ・Face 47♀
 ・Face 48♀

7. Some riding methods were changed.
 ・If you own the flying riding skill, it has been changed to where you can fly a bit.

8. All kinds of events were started.
 ・June Bride, fragments of happiness are overflowing!
  After May 25th (Wednesday)’s maintenance ~ June 29th (Wednesday) at 0:00

 ・Let’s collect the rainbow hairbands!
  June 15th (Wednesday) at 0:00 ~ July 13th (Wednesday)’s Maintenance Start Time

 ・To look like your aspiring Cross Brigade person!? -Cosmetics Compilation-
  After May 25th (Wednesday)’s Maintenance ~ June 29th (Wednesday)’s Maintenance Start Time

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  1. A Basiller
    May 26, 2011 at 11:43 am

    I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the info that you put so much effort into. It really shows. Continue this blog, I’m sure many JMS players will find it immensely useful. Who knows, GMS might even get some of JMS’ updates, too. 🙂

    • August 23, 2011 at 2:49 am

      im a gms player and your right, this is extremely helpful, i was stuck trying to figure out which mounts could fly 😛

  2. KoottaHigure
    May 26, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    Appreciate reading your blog :3
    It’s a good way to get info from JMS and see the differences between each Maplestory version.

    Also, is there a limit to how far you can fly with the skill? I’m amazed JMS has something awesome like that :3

  3. thatwasmykil
    June 4, 2011 at 6:55 am

    good to see your doing this again mate 😉

  4. Tom Fabio
    August 5, 2011 at 6:08 am

    Shikage I am on GMS Tespia and i have the shinjou mount and the skill from Chief Tatamu. I don’t know where to “convert my mount into a skill” though. Please help if you know where I should go.

  5. andrew
    August 14, 2011 at 6:23 am

    Shikage I agree with Tom, Can you please tell us where to convert my mount to a kill???

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