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6/8(水) アップデートメンテナンスのお知らせ



メンテナンス日時 : 6月8日(水) 8:00~15:00
対象ワールド : 全ワールド
メンテナンス内容 : ver1.94アップデート







Thank you for your daily patronage of ‘MapleStory.’


A scheduled maintenance will be implemented as following.


Maintenance Time and Date : June 8th (Wednesday) from 8:00 ~ 15:00 JST (That’s 7:00PM ~ 2:00AM Eastern Daylight Time)
Affected Worlds : All Worlds
Maintenance Contents : ver1.94 Update


Please be aware that you will not be able to log into the game during the maintenance.


We apologize to everyone for the inconvenience, but we ask for you understanding and cooperation.


Please continue to play ‘MapleStory.’





All signs for this patch leads to Ultimate Adventurer, given that Nexon Japan royally screwed up the Ultimate Adventurer surprise by already adding Empress’ Blessing to all Beginner books as a visible skill (of course, it remains at level 0, so it’s unusable until the Ultimate Adventurer patch) and they already give all Cygnus characters the +10% experience buff after every level-up. With all of that in play, I don’t see any reason for this patch not to be Ultimate Adventurer. I guess we’ll see tomorrow!



Unfortunately, the above has been debunked. While I would love the implementation of Ultimate Adventurer to the fullest extent possible, it’s sadly not the case. Instead, Nexon Japan is implementing events that aren’t even going to start until June 15th (Why the heck would they implement a patch a week before the content takes place?) and the events themselves are less than satisfying.



According to Silver Bullet (All credits to Silver Bullet!), a JMS extraction blog, this is what we’ll see in tonight’s patch :


Skill Name Changes
• MPイーター → マジックドレイン
• バックスピンブロー → バックエルボー
• スクリューパンチ → パンチ
• カビオタ → ガブアイオータ
• メイプル勇者 → メイプルヒーロー
• 勇者の意志 → ヒーローインテンション


Note : I do not understand these skill name changes. None of the first set (left side) are even what’s in the game, so what’s the deal with this? Are they changing the names to the ones on the left? The ones on the right are the ones that are currently in-place.


入場チケット(グループ) (1枚 100p/11枚 1,000p)


Note : I’m not entire sure what these are. They’re entrance tickets to mini-dungeons, but what are they for? The only time I’ve ever seen these things are for the Maple Anniversary events where they set up the mini-dungeons for the crystal orb items with those Maple Leaves inside of them for Mastery Books and whatnot.

次元転換器 (1個 100p/11個 1,000p)

I haven’t the slightest clue of what the heck this is. The name of it is “Dimensional Transfer Device.” The description says something about modifying training spots or something. An assumption on the Silver Bullet blog by one of the player suggests that if a map is full, you can use this device and create a duplicate map for you to train in. I guess we’ll see how that works when the patch goes live.

リミットロイヤルヘアクーポン (290p)

New hair ticket for the following hair styles :

Some of these aren’t entirely new, but they’re new to JapanMS. The two on the far right, on both rows, are the male and female versions of the Cross Brigade (十字旅団) NPC hair styles.

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  1. Ayon
    June 7, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    Nah i cant get NP at this point -*-

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