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Renaissance Part 1 Details (Translated)

As I stated in my last blog post, Nexon Japan is releasing a series of patches called “MapleStory Renaissance.” I gave a short summary of what each of the contents were in the first update, but now I’ve decided to translate the information given to us straight from the Renaissance teaser page. Without further adeu, here you go :







・うごき : 「ペット」と同じように、モンスターがキャラクターのうしろについくるよ!
・気力と召喚時間 : モンスターにHPはなく、「気力」によって召喚時間が決まるんだ!気力はモンスターが攻撃するたびにへっていくけれど、召喚していなければ回復していくよ!
・レア度とスキル : モンスターによって「一般」 「特別」 「レア」 「伝説」とレア度がかわれている。このレア度やモンスターの種類によって、つかうスキルが変わってくるのだ!
・制限 : 自分のモンスターレベル以上のモンスターを召喚することはできないよ!



What is Monster Familiar?

“Can’t you become friends with the monsters of Maple and battle along side them?”
The system to fulfill that dream has finally appeared!
If you obtain the items called “Familiar” that drop from monsters, you can summon that monster and fight along side it!
There are more than 500 varieties of monsters you can become friends with!

What kind of system is this?

・Movement : Like pets, the monsters follow your character from behind!
・Vitality and Summon Duration : The monsters don’t have HP. Instead, “Vitality” determines their summon duration! Their vitality decreases as the monster attacks, but when you don’t have it summoned, its vitality is recovered.
・Rarity and Skill : Rarity is determined by what rank they are, either “Common,” “Special,” “Rare,” or “Legendary.” Depending on the rarity and the variety of the monster, the skills you can use will change!
・Limitation : You cannot summon monsters that are above your own character’s level.




潜在能力のついた武器に「魂の書」をつかうと “魂の武器” になるのだ!



What are Spirit Weapons?

The ability to inflict “Spirit Skills” that can be added as a potential ability to weapons has appeared!
You can apply “Spirit Scrolls” to items with potential ability to make them into “Spirit Weapons!”
When you attack monsters, you have the ability to suck out and collect the monster’s spirit and when you collect the “Spirit Balls,” you can use “Spirit Skills!”
With boss monster spirits, you can use a special, powerful skill!





「未来の扉」 に挑戦できるのは限られた高レベルの勇者のみ!

レベル : 170レベル以上
時間 : 1時間
人数 : 3人以上18人以下の遠征隊
回数 : 1日1回



What is the Door to the Future?

To exterminate the Black Mage, Empress Cygnus believed the power of the World Tree was required.
However, the heroes of the Maple World fell into a the Black Mage’s trap at the World Tree.
Did the founder of the Knights of Cygnus, Empress Cygnus, fall under the control of the Black Mage when she fell into his trap……!?
High level heroes! Save the Maple World and Cygnus!

“Door to the Future” Play Requirements

The “Door to the Future” is a challenge limited to high level players!
Those players who clear these high requirements can participate in the expedition!

Level : Level 170 or higher
Time Limit : 1 Hour
Player Number : 3 or more, 18 or less Expedition
Number of Times : Once per day







Regarding the Skill Reorganization

In the Renaissance update, there will be skill alterations for all classes implemented!
Special skill reorganizations will occur in the Japanese MapleStory, so check it out!
Evans, Arans and Dual Blades are even getting powerful skills implemented!






That’s all for now! There will be more information about MapleStory Renaissance released in time, so stay tunned!
PS : If I have made any errors in translation, please alert me! Thank you.

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  1. Vapor-X
    July 2, 2011 at 10:27 am

    So what’s
    次元転換器 (1個 100p/11個 1,000p)

    • ShiKage08
      July 2, 2011 at 2:14 pm

      That was never actually released in-game. I suppose we’ll have to wait for Nexon Japan to release it to find out what it is, exactly.

  2. Booooo123
    August 7, 2011 at 10:13 pm


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