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TKデスピサロ’s August 14th Maple adventure

Originally posted by TKWizard


Yesterday I woke up to a fresh day, ready to get more Angelic Bless recipes from Master Death Teddies, when I then saw my Personality chart for the day, and saw that the limits were reset. Apparently, these limits are not reset at 12am JST, and must had been set to reset on another time.

I then did some Dojo with Justin until 7am to gain some Willpower.

I then went to Master Death Teddies for an hour, and managed to find one Angelic Bless recipe.

Afterwards, I went and did more solo Dojo myself and managed to get my last remaining Willpower before hitting the limit for the day.

I then was thinking where to hunt for Charisma (Ambition). At first I did my daily pap for about 90 Charisma, and killed two Timers for another 50 or so Charisma. I then went to Magatia, thinking about getting an Android (F) recipe from Cube slimes, and then an idea suddenly struck my mind when I looked at the Charisma charts of what bosses gave Charisma. I could hunt the Security System in C-1, and the Deet and Roy in the hidden Saitie map for Charisma. I then went, and I found out that many of them weren’t hunted down. I then hunted each one down until I got my Charisma limit for the day.

One hour before 11am, I went to Sand Dwarves, giving up any hope that Cube Slimes will EVER drop that recipe for me. I kept hunting and hunting, but the recipe did not drop. Man that recipe is RARE.. I even got a Potential scroll during this process.

At 11am, the profession exp limit was extended again and I finally got enough experience to be able to get to Crafting lv 4, which means I was able to craft the Angelic Bless.

I crafted three of them from the recipes that I’ve procured. The first one went to myself, the second one went to my Hired Merchant for selling, and the third one was given to my guild leader as I thought that he should have it being the leader and all.

I then went to Zakum with the guild hoping for a Dark Angelic Bless recipe. The result, all garbage from both runs. Oh Nexon, why did you switch back the helms back to 4 stat ones with no Charm bonus.. T_T

Around 5pm, Justin woke up and I crafted his Angelic Bless. The result: The 1 STR was completely wiped out.. He said that he will make another one once he reaches the same rank as me in Crafting.

After that, I went to Big Spiders hoping to get three Big Spider Familiar Cards for Justin. After three hours of hunting, only one dropped. I gave the one I found to Justin so he could have the 1.6x drop bonus when it was summoned.

Around 8, one of my Japanese friends came on, and coincidentally, it was the one with an Angelic Bless recipe in his Hired Merchant. I then told him that I could craft it for him, and then he was curious about my Angelic Bless effect. I then told him about the Angelic Bless and its Attack buff. He suddenly freaked out and told me that he didn’t have the materials to make one. However, I said that it was alright and I would use my own materials to make it (since I had excessive amounts of Bronze and Adamantium already from Farming.) He came back about three minutes later with the recipe and I went and immediately used it to create the Angelic Bless. The Result: Another Angelic Bless with no STR, however it came out with 2 INT. Since this person was a Battle Mage, it actually came out better than expected. Now he wears it proudly.

Later on, Justin chatted something regarding Charm, and I remembered that I had all those music note pins in my Cash shop. I took each one out, and lo and behold, each one still had their Charm exp notice still attached. After equipping them all, I jumped from Lv 10 Charm, to lv 16 Charm.

So far, there are only eight Angelic Bless crafted in all of Keyaki from what I know and observed. Apparently, the news of this ring hasn’t spread like wildfire yet.

Heres the list so far as of August 15th, 8:00am EST

– Bowmaster Girl in the 百合コン guild (The first one that I have observed in Keyaki)
– Male Wild Hunter which I saw when I was going to farm more Angelic Bless Recipes.
– Mine
– The one in my Hired Merchant
– My Guild Master (アリアさん) [Crafted by me]
– Justin’s [Crafted by me]
– デスイーターさん (Deatheater) [Crafted by me]
– Dozendon’s (Saw on his blog)

I then went to bed, feeling satisfied about what I did.

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  1. Dantastic
    August 15, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    Gonna try hunting the recipe at Chief Qualm Guards? =/ Sucks that you can’t farm charm at Zak.

    Offtopic: Is there a JMS equivalent of shielding wards? If so, do you think they would work with the boss spirit weapon orbs?

    • August 15, 2011 at 2:32 pm

      They don’t even drop there. I’ve already checked the Monster book.

      And regarding your offtopic: We have Shielding Wards right now that were just added this patch. I have no idea if they work with those Boss Orbs though, and I don’t have a replacement weapon to even try this out with.

      Also, on another note, whole Spirit Scrolls and Boss Orbs no longer drop as frequently, only powders for the Spirit Scroll and fragments for the Boss Orbs drop frequently now.

  2. Ichinose
    August 17, 2011 at 10:58 am

    Hi been following your blog lately thanks for the interesting content. I have been playing JMS leisurely and now trying to look for English speaking community. My current characters (not even hitting 3rd job yet) are in Mizuki server and so far haven’t encounter anyone yet. May I know which server you are active in? thanks

    • August 17, 2011 at 11:01 am

      We are in Keyaki if you can read the details on your right.

      • Ichinose
        August 17, 2011 at 11:14 am


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