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I am rank 94 on the Keyaki Magician rankings

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On Sunday, I finally managed to get myself up to rank 96 on the Keyaki Magician rankings.

Before training I bought one of those 1 day 1.5x Exp coupons for 300p.

What I did was a three hour party session at Dark Ereve Stronghold constantly killing Knight Bs (The Flame Wizards), and I managed to get to 187 at the end. I gained about 65% total. After the party was over, I used my Level up capsule that I was saving up and I immediately levelled to 188.

A few hours later, I finally appeared on the rankings on the official website. It wasn’t until 8pm my time until the site that Shikage posted a while back updated theirs.

I also did some minor grinding, Zakum, Papulatus, and constant Anniversary quests that day I managed to get to 25% at the end of the day. Of course since this experience was gained after the ranking update cut-off period, it would not be updated until the next day.

On Monday, which was a Holiday, I did some more Dark Ereve Stronghold with a 30% exp pendant active, and my still active 1.5x Exp ticket (Which was to expire at Noon.) at the end (around 9:30am) I gained 51%. I gained another 10% off the update cut-off period which will be reflected on the rankings later.

Here is the current rank 90-100 Keyaki Magician ranking

And the details of my character myself.

As you can see, I gained 72% from Sunday 2pm to Monday 2pm. The next 10% will be added to this chart at around 8pm Eastern.

Also, Takuwan (the leader that organized the Dark Ereve Stronghold runs) hit level 200 today. So congrats to him! Since I’m at work, I am unable to send out a smega when he hit 200. Heres a link to his blog and his lv 200 post

(*Note* Japanese)

I wonder who will host the party now, there are still party members in the group that still have not hit 200 (Myself, Batome, Yusuke, and others that were invited). I guess I’ll find out on Saturday.

Theres also a five hour maintenance tonight starting at 6, so I am unable to level up my willpower and mining until the morning.

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