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Game Update v2.03 – Nothing Interesting



As the title says, there’s nothing really interesting about the content added in this patch (active content, at least – I’ll explain in a minute).



Basically, the first highlight of this update is the Boss Monster Raid, which we’ve seen in the past multiple times. It’s almost the exact same Boss Monster Raid we’ve had in the past couple of years, meaning all of the monster’s values are still the same, meaning the thing went from being pretty dang hard for even the most funded players to so easy that anyone with a weapon can down them, due to the way Big Bang changed how the game works. The only difference is the order of the bosses you fight, which isn’t changed too much at all. If you successfully complete the Boss Monster Raid a few times, you can receive medals that give up to 5 to all stats, +100 HP/MP, and +10 Speed/Jump.


Boss Monster Raid 3rd Stage Achievement
Req Level: 0
STR: +5
DEX: +5
INT: +5
LUK: +5
HP: +100
MP: +100
Speed: +10
Jump: +10



The secondary highlight of this update is new Royal Hairs and Royal Faces.





They call it Japan-original stuff, but I’ve seen these styles in GMS already – some of them, at least. Maybe they mean these aesthetic updates were originally made by the JapanMS developers, but the GMS developers decided to release them before the Japanese developers decided to. *shrug*





The third and final highlight of the update is the new fishing areas added.





I believe these maps all originated from the Chinese version of MapleStory, though I may be wrong about that. You cannot actually fish in this map yourself. Instead, you have to buy these automatic fishing NPCs from the Cash Shop (greedy Nexon!) to be able to fish in these places. I find the design of those maps strange. I didn’t manage to fit what each map looks like in the tiny images I’ve provided for you, but believe me when I say they’re pretty strange, such as a pink sky with constellations, but with gigantic shadows of random people – it makes no sense at all! I do not know if these fishing maps have any special types of fish, any higher rates of better fish, or anything like that.



Now, the strange/interesting part of the content added comes in the extractions. On Uni’s “SilverBullet” blog, where they extract KMS and JMS WZ files and host the data there, it’s shown that Nexon Japan sneaked in some interesting content. While we do not have Jump yet, not even to mention the fact that we haven’t received all of the Chaos updates yet, Nexon Japan seems to be giving hints about Mercedes and Cannon Shooter already.



キャノンシューターのために用意したミミルの湧水。100個まで飲むことができる。(イベント期間中飲むことができる。) キャノンシューターが飲むと、50レベル以下では10%、50レベルから99レベルまでは5%の経験値を獲得することができる。但し、100レベル以上は飲むことができない。



メルセデスだけのために用意したミミルの湧水。100個まで飲むことができる。(イベント期間中飲むことができる。) メルセデスが飲むと、50レベル以下では10%、50レベルから99レベルまでは5%の経験値を獲得することができる。但し、100レベル以上は飲むことができない。



Basically, these items are for Mercedes and Cannon Shooter only. They say that during the event period, if a Cannon Shooter or Mercedes drinks their special potion, they receive an extra 10% and 5% EXP at certain level ranges (50 and below for 10%, 50 ~ 99 for 5%) and levels 100 and higher cannot use the potion. I’ve never heard of such an item from KMS – maybe I just missed that part of Fiel’s extractions or something. It also goes on to show these effect items that are in the Item.WZ file which have mini versions of and Elf and a mini version of Cannon Shooter’s monkey partner. These items can be obtained by talking to Gaga, according to the description and they can only be used by Cannon Shooters and Mercedes. What’s with this stuff, Nexon Japan? I’m confused. I really do not believe we’re getting any Legend content any time soon, but this sure is puzzling. Oh, well…



In other news, lately, I’ve been working really hard on an alternate character I’ve had since just before we got Renaissance – my Hero! I’ve been working on it really hard over the past couple of days to get it from level 100 to 120. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone to help me by leveling up at Lion Heart Castle, so I had to grind it out at Herb Town Krus and Captains at at Dual Ghost Pirates. It was a very long grind, but after two days, my 100 ~ 120 trials were over!





Hero was the class I originally chose when I started MapleStory in 2005 (of course, fourth job wasn’t released back then, but I say “Hero” because that’s probably what most people identify the class as now). After several attempts at getting to Hero, I first succeeded earlier this year in Zenith, GMS, when Zenith and El Nido were first introduced. I loved it, but since I don’t like to play GMS very much, I decided to recreate it in the Japanese version of the game. I’m pleased that I’m finally here. Now, I just need to get my hands on an Advanced Combo skill book, which has eluded my grasp so far.



Also, just last night, Dennis (TKデスピサロ) gave me a special present!





As far as he and I are aware, he and I have the only two existing crafted Dark Angelic Bless rings in the server of Keyaki. While we’ve seen another recipe or two floating around the market, we’ve not once seen a single person other than us who has the ring.


Thank you, Dennis! 😀

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  1. Vapor-X
    October 4, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    Nice on the DAR i noticed the dark aura on the fishing images
    -Theblackmage sp

  2. Harry
    October 4, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    Those Royal face options look pretty awesome…

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