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Mercedes and Cannon Shooter Coming to JapanMS!



Today, October 5th, at midnight, Japan time, I received a couple of surprising quests from Gaga.





The first line says, “I suppose you know of Mercedes, the class being added next time?”

There is also an exact clone of the quest line for Cannon Shooter, stating the exact same thing. Instantly upon accepting the two quests, I giggled like a little girl and got extremely excited – not because there are new classes coming, since I’ve already played Mercedes and Demon Slayer in the Korean version of MapleStory, but because of how Nexon Japan yet again took me by surprise by releasing MapleStory : Legend content just after we had just received the first two parts of what consisted of the MapleStory : Chaos updates.

After accepting the quests, I received this notebook in my ETC inventory noting the prizes I could receive by completing the quests at least once a day.





You can get Power Elixirs the first two days, then you get random scrolls for armor for weapon or magic attack for the next few days, then on the 7th day, you get a Special Potential scroll (x3). I’m not sure if those Special Potential scrolls are those 100% success rate scrolls, but free stuff is always welcome. The prizes aren’t much, but there’s more! Basically, these quests ask you to go to monsters around your level (level 150+ monsters for players over level 150) and collect 30 Monkey Dolls for the Cannon Shooter quest and Elf Dolls for the Mercedes quest.





You receive either Elf Dew and a special Mercedes-only potion or a bundle of bananas and a Cannon Shooter-only potion depending on which quest you turn in (you can do both). The bananas and Elf Dews give some experience based on your level (about 650k EXP at level 176) and can be used by any character you have. They can only be used during the event period. The special Cannon Shooter and Mercedes-only potions can only be used by their respective classes and are account share-able. When you use the potions on level 10 to level 50 Cannon Shooters or Mercedes, they will instantly receive 10% of their level. If you use them on a level 50 to level 99 Cannon Shooter or Mercedes, they will receive 5% of their level. These potions cannot be used after level 100.

That’s pretty much all there is to note at the moment. I’m extremely surprised that Nexon Japan is breaking the mold of mainstream content so much! We haven’t received Ultimate Adventurer, Chryse, PvP, Ice Knight, Party Quest Revamps, Monster Park, or any of the MapleStory : Jump! class rebalance patches, yet we’re already receiving two classes from the MapleStory : Legend update! If I had to guess, I would think Nexon Japan is waiting for Nexon Korea to release Thief and Pirate revamps before they decide to release them in the Japanese version. I could be wrong, however.

The events end on October 19th, so I suppose we’ll see what happens then!

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  1. くさなぎ はる
    October 11, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    never thought that Nexon Japan will become crazy in terms of uniqueness .
    there’s a long way to get legend for maplesea . naah .
    i doubt that kind of event (free items) will be implemented to maplesea .
    Shikage , how about applying the potion to the lower level?
    is the effect instantly up a level ?

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