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JapanMS gets its first time-limited class!

Today, May 23rd, Nexon Japan updated their Justice Teaser Page to include information about the Phantom class for its release next week. However, there is one thing that struck me funny.





It lists all of the information about Phantom’s story and whatnot, but under it, it states “作成可能期間 : 2012年5月30日~2012年7月25日まで,” which translates to (I’m sure anyone can figure this out, no matter if you can or can’t read Japanese or Chinese), “Creation Availability Time Frame : May 30th, 2012 until July 23rd, 2012.” Anyone who knows much about JapanMS should find this very strange… We have gotten every class from KMS that has been time limited in the past, but not once have these classes been time limited in JapanMS. What’s the deal here? Why is Phantom the only one to be deemed time limited in JapanMS? With this being the case, I’m curious as to whether or not we’ll also have shared Cash Shop storages with Phantom.


Unfortunately, I don’t really have much information on this at the moment, but I will post information as soon as I can get it. Until then, enjoy the Phantom content on the teaser page!

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  1. NovaEffect
    May 28, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    Maybe Phantom is the most popular one out of all the classes so they try to make other people make other characters other than phantom after that date? lol IDK >_>

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