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Hayato – skills, skill build, and more!

So, the Hayato class will be released today. The patch file is available to download here. Moreover, there are extractions, done by the one and only Fiel, which you can view here.

Hayato will use a Kataka, along with the Battoujutsu style of fighting, while also having a secondary weapon, which is a kodachi.

Hayato’s main stat, as usual for a warrior, is STR, with DEX being his secondary stat. His maximum damage range formula is as follows :

Hayato is a time-limited class that will be available from July 25, 2012 until October, 2012. Moreover, it has a link skill that gives +10 to all stats and +5 weapon attack. With that being the case, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kanna will have the same thing, but with magic attack instead. Hayato also has a character card. Its effect is +% Critical Minimum Damage, ranging from 2% to 8%, depending on the level of the character.

Please no longer refer to the information found below as correct. There are inaccuracies and missing data that I have included in my “Ultimate Hayato Guide.” Please note that this post was a rushed post that was created at the release of Hayato, so there wasn’t much time for me back then to perfect the data. I’m still sifting through it all to make sure it is right, but please refer to my new guide for more correct information. You can view that post here.


Thanks to Locked and JoeTang of Southperry.net for doing the translations.
Beginner :

Natural Talent : Permanently increase speed by 20, increase max speed to 165, increase jump by 10, increase evasion by 20%, increase mastery by 60%, and increase Willpower to level 30.

Shippuu Denju : Increase all stats by 10 and weapon attack by 5. This skill can be shared with one other character on the account at any time. Limit one transfer a day.

Shippuu Samidarejin : Attack up to 15 enemies 6 times for 500% damage. When used, you will receive a +15% damage boost buff for 120 seconds. Cool down time : 600 seconds

Defensive Attack : For every 100 points of defense you have, permanently increase your damage by 0.5%. For example, if you have 3,000 points of defense, you will gain a damage boost of 15%.
First Job :

Sanrenzan – Ship : Press the skill key continuously to attack up to three times.

Battoujutsu : When activated, it puts your character into a Battoujutsu style stance. This skill increases your critical rate by 25% and gives a 20% stun chance to all skills.

Renjinzan : Press the skill key to continuously attack up to 4 times at fast speeds.

Kengoudou : Permanently increase STR and DEX by 30.
Second Job :

Sanrenzan – Puu : Press the skill key continuously to attack up to three times.

Shouryuusen : Hit up to 8 enemies 4 times and knocks enemies into the air. This skill can be connected with Dankuusen and Senpuuzan to create a special combination.

Dankuusen : Dash forward and attack 6 enemies 4 times each. It has a 100% critical rate if combined with Shouryuusen.

Hien : Double tap your up arrow key to leap into the air in a spinning fashion, hitting up to 8 enemies 4 times.

Bushin Shourai : Increase attack by 15, increase HP and MP by 20%, increase speed by 20, and increase jump by 10 for 180 seconds.

Hiken – Hayabusa : Increase attacking speed for 200 seconds.

Hiken – Ikaru : Increase minimum and maximum critical hit damage by 25%.
Third Job :

Sanrenzan – Jin : Press the skill key continuously to attack up to three times.

Battoujutsu – Shingitai : Increase critical rate by 40% and increase stun chance by 40%. In addition, all monsters within the vicinity of your character will receive 160% damage continuously. Permanently increase weapon attack by 20.

Senpuuzan : Hit up to 6 enemies 3 times. This skill can be combined with Shouryuusen to deal an addition 100% damage. Passive effect : Dankuusen and Shouryuusen damage +50%.

Hikarasu : Attack up to 10 targets 6 times. You will be jut forward and back in a boomerang-like fashion, bringing in any monsters that survive. Using Dankuusen afterward is a very effective combination.

Senpuu no Yaiba : Attack up to 8 enemies 7 times with a 100% critical rate. Cool down : 4 seconds

Yanagi Yoke : Increase evasion rate by 20%. When you successfully evade an enemy’s attack, there’s a 60% chance to increase your damage by 6%. This buff can be stacked up to 5 times for a total of 30% damage.

Shintou Mekkyaku : When you hit an enemy with a critical hit, there’s a 30% success rate to recover 3% HP.

Kurenai Jabaku : When attacking a target, there’s a 20% chance to hit an enemy with a damage over time effect, dealing 150% damage every second for 5 seconds.
Fourth Job :

Sanrenzan – Rai : An upgraded version of previous Sanrenzan attacks. In addition, at a 30% success rate, you will deal 410% damage with an extra hit to 5 targets. The extra attack numbers will show up as green numbers.

Shinsoku Musou : Attacks a single target 10 times for 162% damage per hit.

Yousousen : Jump up into the air and quickly charge downward at enemies to do massive damage. This attack can be combined with many other skills in your arsenal to greatly reduce delays and perform very fast and powerful attacks. In addition, Shouryuusen, Dankuusen, and Senpuuzan skill damages are increased by +100%.

Issen : Rush at your opponents with amazing speed and power. Hit up to 15 targets for 455% damage. When used, receive a 40 second buff that increases your critical rate by 45%. Cool down : 90 seconds

Gouken : For 180 seconds, increase status effect resistance and elemental resistance by 30%.

Jinsoku : At a 45% success rate, when you successfully dodge an enemy’s attacks, you will receive a buff that will reduce the damage you take by 35%. In addition, your dodge rate will be increased by 40% passively.

Ittou Ryoudan : Increases your target defense ignore stat by 35% and your total damage by 30%.

Akatsuki no Yuusha : Increases all stats by 15% for 900 seconds. This skill, unlike with every other class, does not require a mastery book.

Akatsuki no Sakura : Eliminate the seduce status effect. Cool down : 360 seconds

Saki no Saki : When attacked, at a 20% success rate, your character will counter the enemy’s attack for 195% damage.

Guren Jabaku : An upgraded version of Kurenai Jabaku; increases the activation rate to 30% and increases the damage over time to 170% per second for 5 seconds.

Skill Build

Please be aware that the following skill build is now obsolete, with the implementation of the Tempest updates. Please refer to the new build, which you can find here : Post-Tempest Hayato Build

First Job :

Level 10 : +1 Sanrenzan, +3 Battoujutsu, +1 Renjinzan
Level 11 : +3 Battoujutsu
Level 12 : +3 Battoujutsu
Level 13 : +3 Battoujutsu
Level 14 : +3 Battoujutsu
Level 15 : +3 Battoujutsu
Level 16 : +2 Battoujutsu (MAX), +1 Sanrenzan
Level 17 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 18 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 19 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 20 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 21 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 22 : +3 Sanrenzan (MAX)
Level 23 : +3 Kengoudou
Level 24 : +3 Kengoudou
Level 25 : +3 Kengoudou
Level 26 : +1 Kengoudou (MAX), +2 Renjinzan
Level 27 : +3 Renjinzan
Level 28 : +3 Renjinzan
Level 29 : +3 Renjinzan
Level 30 : +3 Renjinzan (MAX)

You max everything.

Explanation :

Sanrenzan is your main attacking skill. Of course, you will want to put a point into that. It has a great attacking range and has a considerable speed to it. One point in Renjinzan will help you not only look like a BAMF when taking down enemies, but will also help you move around maps at lightning speed. Battoujutsu gives you critical rate, so you should focus on maxing that first, as Critical Rate is always the fastest way to getting better damage output. After you’ve maxed Battoujutsu, I recommend either going for Sanrenzan or Kengoudou, whichever you feel is the best. I went with Sanrenzan, but the 30 STR bonus from Kengoudou is also good. It’s all low-level stuff that goes by pretty quick, so take your pick. Renjinzan will be your last skill to max. 65 points at 1st job will end up with all skills maxed.

Second Job :

Level 30 : +1 Sanrenzan, +1 Dankuusen, +1 Shouryuusen, +1 Hiken Ikaru, +1 Hiken Hayabusa
Level 31 : +3 Hiken Hayabusa
Level 32 : +1 Hiken Hayabusa (5), +2 Hiken Ikaru
Level 33 : +3 Hiken Ikaru
Level 34 : +3 Hiken Ikaru
Level 35 : +3 Hiken Ikaru
Level 36 : +3 Hiken Ikaru
Level 37 : +3 Hiken Ikaru
Level 38 : +2 Hiken Ikaru (MAX), +1 Bushin Shourai
Level 39 : +3 Bushin Shourai
Level 40 : +3 Bushin Shourai
Level 41 : +3 Bushin Shourai
Level 42 : +3 Bushin Shourai
Level 43 : +3 Bushin Shourai
Level 44 : +3 Bushin Shourai
Level 45 : +1 Bushin Shourai (MAX), +2 Sanrenzan
Level 46 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 47 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 48 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 49 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 50 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 51 : +2 Sanrenzan (MAX), +1 Dankuusen
Level 52 : +3 Dankuusen
Level 53 : +3 Dankuusen
Level 54 : +3 Dankuusen
Level 55 : +3 Dankuusen
Level 56 : +3 Dankuusen
Level 57 : +3 Dankuusen (MAX)
Level 58 : +3 Shouryuusen
Level 59 : +3 Shouryuusen
Level 60 : +3 Shouryuusen
Level 61 : +3 Shouryuusen
Level 62 : +2 Shouryuusen (MAX), +1 Hiken Hayabusa
Level 63 : +3 Hiken Hayabusa
Level 64 : +3 Hiken Hayabusa
Level 65 : +3 Hiken Hayabusa
Level 66 : +3 Hiken Hayabusa
Level 67 : +2 Hiken Hayabusa (MAX), +1 Hien
Level 68 : +3 Hien
Level 69 : +3 Hien
Level 70 : +3 Hien (MAX)

You max everything.

Explanation :

The first 5 points in 2nd job will be a lot of fun, as it’s always fun testing out new skills – especially when you can get multiple new attacks at once. Dump 1 point in Sanrenzan, one in Dankuusen, one in Shouryuusen, one in Hiken – Ikaru and one in Hiken Hayabusa. Sanrenzan is self explanatory – it’s an upgrade to the previous Sanrenzan attack, so it’s important. Dankuusen is similar to Shadower’s old skill named Assaulter. You jet yourself at an enemy at quick speed, dealing damage to them as you pass by them. This can be used without monsters in your way, however, making it a great way to move around the map, especially when coupled with Renjinzan. Shouryuusen is a spammable multi-target skill. However, that’s not only it! You can use Shouryuusen and press Dankuusen before the animation finishes and your character will automatically jump up into the air and slice through any enemies that were launched into the air by Shouryuusen. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

After that, I suggest getting 6 points into Hiken – Hayabusa, because 60 seconds for a weapon booster is always great! After that, I really suggest maxing Hiken – Ikaru, because it gives a really nice boost to minimum and maximum critical damage. After Ikaru is maxed, go with Bushin Shourai, because it gives a nice HP boost as well as a decent weapon attack boost. Those are always nice. After that, work on Sanrenzan, since it’ll still be your main skill to grind with. The extra multi-target DPS will be nice. After that, go with Dankuusen. It deals an ass whooping worth of damage on its own. Follow up with Shouryuusen, as the combination between it and Dankuusen will continue to get stronger. After that, finish up your booster or go with Hien, whatever floats your boat at this point.

The reason I suggest not putting points into Hien until late is because it’s just absolute crap at low levels. It’s not needed at all for low level maps, since most are flat, so there’s no dire need for vertical movement. It’s a fun skill and all, but until you get used to using it and until you max it, it’ll just be a huge annoyance. Many a times have I heard people complain about this skill, because it’s obnoxious at low levels. You can put more points into it at lower levels if you want to, but again… it’s not entirely necessary to have vertical movement at low levels. However, if you want a good use of the skill, press your Dankuusen hotkey after using Hien to move foward in mid-air. Alternatively, you can use any attacking skill while still in the air after using Hien to completely negate the delay on the skill.
Third Job :

Level 70 : +1 Sanrenzan, +Senpuuzan, +1 Hikarasu, +1 Senpuu no Yaiba, Save 1 SP
Level 71 : Save 3 SP
Level 72 : +7 Shingitai
Level 73 : +3 Shingitai
Level 74 : +3 Shingitai
Level 75 : +3 Shingitai
Level 76 : +3 Shingitai
Level 77 : +1 Shingitai (MAX), +2 Senpuuzan
Level 78 : +3 Senpuuzan
Level 79 : +3 Senpuuzan
Level 80 : +3 Senpuuzan
Level 81 : +3 Senpuuzan
Level 82 : +3 Senpuuzan
Level 83 : +2 Senpuuzan (MAX), +1 Yanagi Yoke
Level 84 : +3 Yanagi Yoke
Level 85 : +3 Yanagi Yoke
Level 86 : +3 Yanagi Yoke
Level 87 : +3 Yanagi Yoke
Level 88 : +3 Yanagi Yoke
Level 89 : +3 Yanagi Yoke
Level 90 : +1 Yanagi Yoke (MAX), +2 Shintou Mekkyaku
Level 91 : +3 Shintou Mekkyaku
Level 92 : +3 Shintou Mekkyaku
Level 93 : +3 Shintou Mekkyaku
Level 94 : +3 Shintou Mekkyaku
Level 95 : +1 Shintou Mekkyaku (MAX), +2 Sanrenzan
Level 96 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 97 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 98 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 99 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 100 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 101 : +2 Sanrenzan (MAX), +1 Senpuu no Yaiba
Level 102 : +3 Senpuu no Yaiba
Level 103 : +3 Senpuu no Yaiba
Level 104 : +3 Senpuu no Yaiba
Level 105 : +3 Senpuu no Yaiba
Level 106 : +3 Senpuu no Yaiba
Level 107 : +3 Senpuu no Yaiba (MAX)
Level 108 : +3 Hikarasu
Level 109 : +3 Hikarasu
Level 110 : +3 Hikarasu
Level 111 : +3 Hikarasu
Level 112 : +3 Hikarasu
Level 113 : +3 Hikarasu
Level 114 : +1 Hikarasu (MAX), +2 Kurenai Jabaku
Level 115 : +3 Kurenai Jabaku
Level 116 : +3 Kurenai Jabaku
Level 117 : +3 Kurenai Jabaku
Level 118 : +3 Kurenai Jabaku
Levle 119 : +3 Kurenai Jabaku
Level 120 : +3 Kurenai Jabaku (MAX)

Everything is maxed.

Explanation :

The third job build is a little tricky. I say save some points in the beginning for Shingitai because before level 5, it actually reduces your critical rate. You can put the points into it if you want, but I suggest waiting until you have 5 SP to dump into it before you touch it. I also suggest maxing the two supportive passives in the middle of the build because they help a lot with survival and potion consumption. If you don’t care about any of that, you can put those off until later. Sanrenzan’s boosts are minor in comparison to Senpuuzan, since Senpuuzan boosts three skills you will use instead of just one. The rest of the build is pretty self explanatory.

Senpuu no Yaiba isn’t all that great, really. It’s nice and does great damage, but it has a cool down that makes it less of a priority. Hikarasu isn’t really necessary to max early, so I put it off until the end. I didn’t notice any difference between level 1 and level 20, besides damage. Kurenai Jabaku is a damage over time skill and in my opinion, damage over time skills aren’t a necessary at anything but bosses, and you most likely won’t do much bossing before level 110, so I maxed that last. If you feel otherwise, however, feel free to max it sooner.
Fourth Job :

Level 120 : +1 Sanrenzan, +1 Shinsoku Musou, +1 Yousousen, +1 Issen, +1 Jinsoku
Level 121 : +1 Gouken, +1 Saki no Saki, +1 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 122 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 123 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 124 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 125 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 126 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 127 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 128 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 129 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 130 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 131 : +2 Ittou Ryoudan (MAX), +1 Issen
Level 132 : +3 Issen
Level 133 : +3 Issen
Level 134 : +3 Issen
Level 135 : +3 Issen
Level 136 : +3 Issen
Level 137 : +3 Issen
Level 138 : +3 Issen
Level 139 : +3 Issen
Level 140 : +3 Issen
Level 141 : +1 Issen (MAX), +2 Sanrenzan
Level 142 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 143 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 144 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 145 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 146 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 147 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 148 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 149 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 150 : +3 Sanrenzan (MAX)
Level 151 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 152 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 153 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 154 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 155 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 156 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 157 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 158 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 159 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 160 : +2 Jinsoku (MAX), +1 Yousousen
Level 161 : +3 Yousousen
Level 162 : +3 Yousousen
Level 163 : +3 Yousousen
Level 164 : +3 Yousousen
Level 165 : +3 Yousousen
Level 166 : +3 Yousousen (MAX)
Level 167 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 168 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 169 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 170 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 171 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 172 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 173 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 174 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 175 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 176 : +2 Akatsuki no Yuusha (29), +1 Akatsuki no Sakura
Level 177 : +3 Akatsuki no Sakura
Level 178 : +1 Akatsuki no Sakura (MAX), +2 Guren Jabaku
Level 179 : +3 Guren Jabaku
Level 180 : +3 Guren Jabaku
Level 181 : +2 Guren Jabaku (MAX), +1 Saki no Saki
Level 182 : +3 Saki no Saki
Level 183 : +3 Saki no Saki
Level 184 : +3 Saki no Saki
Level 185 : +3 Saki no Saki
Level 186 : +1 Saki no Saki (MAX), +2 Gouken
Level 187 : +3 Gouken
Level 188 : +3 Gouken
Level 189 : +3 Gouken
Level 190 : +3 Gouken
Level 191 : +3 Gouken
Level 192 : +1 Gouken (MAX), +2 Shinsoku Musou
Level 193 : +3 Shinsoku Musou
Level 194 : +3 Shinsoku Musou
Level 195 : +3 Shinsoku Musou
Level 196 : +3 Shinsoku Musou
Level 197 : +3 Shinsoku Musou
Level 198 : +3 Shinsoku Musou
Level 199 : +3 Shinsoku Musou
Level 200 : +3 Shinsoku Musou (26)

Everything is maxed except for Shinsoku Musou at 26.

Explanation :

As with the previous job advancements, dump one point into your new attacking skills. They’ll be quite fun to play around with. 1 point in Gouken will help slightly with status effects – especially if you plan to grind at CWK with Master Guardians. Those guys seal like crazy. 1 point in Jinsoku will increase your dodge rate by 11%, which is a major plus. 1 point in Saki no Saki will give a small success rate to reflect damage dealt to you by any monster. It’s not big… but it helps. Unfortunately, this reflected damage doesn’t safeguard your HP. You’ll still receive full damage. After that, I suggest maxing Ittou Ryoudan. This is the best thing you can max. +35% ignore target defense and +30% damage is the biggest boost of your build. This is also the skill I suggest spending your free mastery book on it, assuming you make your character during the event period. After Ittou Ryoudan is maxed, I suggest going for Issen. When Issen is used, it will give you +45% critical rate for 40 seconds. This is huge. Any Hayato using this skill should have a 100% critical rate with this bonus applied. As I’ve said before, Critical Rate is perhaps one of the biggest boosts you can give to your DPS – especially when Hayato has a minimum critical damage of 135% and a maximum of 175%. That’s not even taking into account a possible Sharp Eyes buff you may receive at any given time.

After that, I suggest maxing Sanrenzan. It’s your best and main attacking skill and is your single highest single target DPS skill you have. After that, I suggest maxing Jinsoku. Jinsoku, when activated, reduces the damage you take by 35%. It also increases your dodge rate by 40%. This is huge. When you successfully dodge an attack, you have a 60% chance to receive a buff that increases your damage by 6%, which can stack up to 5 times, giving a total of 30% damage, so the more dodge you have, the higher chance you have to get a 30% damage boost. After Jinsoku, the normal is to go with Yousousen. Yousousen provides a lot of chaining abilities and can give a very nice DPS boost if used correctly (see JoeTang’s thread on skill chaining for details).

After Yousousen is maxed, I suggest going with Akatsuki no Yuusha. Akatsuki no Yuusha is Hayato’s version of Maple Hero. However, it does not require a skill book. For this reason, I personally maxed it sooner, because of skill book prices. However, if this is not an issue for you, this is the appropriate time to max it. +15% all stats is always a nice boost in damage. After that, pop 5 points into Akatsuki no Sakura, because around this level, it will be important for surviving any bosses you may face, as most bosses these days have Seduce. Having maxed Akatsuki no Sakura will help a LOT with surviving against Seduce.

After that, I suggest going with Guren Jabaku. This skill also does not require a mastery book, as it is only 10 points to max. However, it is not all that much of a damage boost over Kurenai Jabaku, which is why it is not maxed earlier in the build. After that, Saki no Saki is a nice damage boost, as any time you receive damage, you have a 20% chance to reflect the damage, dealing 195% of your damage range in damage. However, as I said before, it unfortunately does not safeguard your HP, which is why this is not maxed earlier. This skill also does not require a mastery book.

After Saki no Saki, I suggest going with Gouken, as it is the only viable skill left. It’s, at max, a 50% chance to ignore status effects and a 50% elemental resistance boost. It’s nice, but it’s not all that required, in comparison to earlier skills. After that, dump your remaining points into Shinsoku Musou. Shinsoku Musou is quite a useless skill, really. It’s fun and it does better damage than Sanrenzan at level 1. However, when maxed, Sanrenzan does better DPS and hits more times per second than Shinsoku Musou, rendering Shinsoku Musou pretty much useless. Basically, it’s a filler skill.

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