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[JapanMS] Tempest Arrives!


Today, Nexon Japan updated their official MapleStory website with the Tempest teaser page, featuring videos for Luminous, Kaiser and Angelic Burster. No actual dates were given, however. I assume the first part, assuming we don’t get everything at once, will occur on Thursday, December 20th, as that’s when the next maintenance is scheduled for.

I have no plans to rehost them to add subtitles at this moment in time, as the videos are available in English already for MapleStory Europe and Global MapleStory. If enough people want me to, however, I might get around to doing it, but I can’t give any promises, with how absorbed I am in my brand new Wii U.
Source : 大型アップデート「テンペスト」特設サイト

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