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As ShiKage has mentioned in an earlier post, him and I would like to try and create a community for EverPlanet.  I have three things to share with everyone in regards to this game, in hopes of creating more of a community for it.

The first is an explanation of the game, and what you can expect to see if you were to play it.
Disclaimer: I will compare this to MapleStory a lot, since this is mainly a MapleStory blog, I assume you guys will understand my point and references more easily when I compare it to MS.
EverPlanet is a top-down perspective MMORPG.  It has a unique feature, especially affecting the camera, in which everywhere you are is a small (in comparison to reality) Planet.  Each Planet is a different area in the game, and also you can see this effect on the camera, as it has a spherical effect in the terrain.  There are currently seven Planets in the universe, with a maximum level in the game of 100, however the areas extend until about 80 from what I can tell.

EverPlanet, unlike MapleStory, is completely quest driven.  From the very beginning of the game you are given many quests, and an amazingly well-built UI that can guide you through just about every single quest.  There are some exceptions, where you must figure it out yourself if you cannot read Japanese, however 95-99% of the quests have simple UI indications and other features to help you out.  For example, monsters that are part of quests have a yellow pointer above them.  Terrain objects that are part of quests glow yellow.  If you need to use items or do special things to monsters, you will see an item use indicator when said monster or object reaches the required criteria.  For example, some monsters require a certain percentage of health for an item to be activated and the quest to be continued.
What does this do for the game itself?  It makes it fun.  You’re always doing something, you’re always going to new areas and experiencing new things.  The quests can change up all the time too, and you’re often doing something you haven’t before.  Compare this to MapleStory where you’re often just grinding the same monster over and over until Level X, where you move on to a new monster until Level Y.  It provides a unique experience that many MMOs lack.

There are currently 5 main classes that players can be.  Warriors, Magicians, Archers, Rogues, and Vampires.  Except for Vampire, all of them have two branches of sub-classes you can choose when you become Level 30.  Recently (Last patch), JEP added 3rd jobs at Level 70 for three subclasses.  We expect more soon, hopefully we won’t have to wait long.
Unlike MapleStory, expect to have a lot of choices when it comes to character development.  Although there are no stats to increase when you level, you have A LOT of skills to choose from.  Most of them are pretty useful as well.  Almost everything has cooldowns, also, which provides a unique experience to combat.  It’s not just holding down a single button to win, you must use everything at your disposal, especially for bosses and tough monsters.

The game also has an interesting system in regards to monsters.  You can run into monsters with colored skulls on their health bars.  This signifies what I am going to refer as tough monsters (name is probably completely wrong, but that’s what I’m calling them).  Tough monsters have more health, and I believe do more damage.  They also give better drops and more experience.  The color of the skull signifies how much more health they have from the normal.  Orange is 2x, Green is 3x, and Blue is 4x.  There may be more, however I have not seen them at this time.
Speaking of monsters, the game also has a pretty cool Dungeon system.  Dungeons are all over the place, and they are all instanced for your party.  They also have difficulties.  There’s Easy, Medium/Intermediate, and Hard.  Each increases the HP of everything in the area, as well as drops and exp as well.  It’s essentially defaulting the monsters to tough statuses.  For example, on Medium difficulty, all monsters are essentially Orange Skull Tough monsters.  If you run into an Orange Skull, it’s basically a Blue Skull.  A Blue Skill on Med difficulty will have 8x the normal amount of health.  On hard, multiply this again by two.  Dungeons can be quite difficult for you, especially solo, because monsters hurt especially at Hard, and their massive health can make every fight an ordeal.  I think this improves the gameplay significantly, because even if you are overpowered for your area for whatever reason, enemies are still tough to take down, and can take a beating, as well as dishing one out as well.

That’s it for my explaination for now.  If people are interested, I can go into more detail in the future.

My second thing to show is that I recorded two videos for EverPlanet using my Vampire character at 27-28.  They are the two last dungeons of the first main Planet in the game, after the tutorial.  I do all three difficulties, and these dungeons are pretty long.  As a result, the videos are pretty long as well.  The first is over a half an hour, and the second is over an hour.  In the descriptions are the times when I begin each individual difficulty.  Feel free to look at them!  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to say something in the video or here.  Just as a note, I tend to delete stupidity, though.  I don’t appreciate spamming or flaming in my video descriptions, and we don’t really appreciate it in the blog either.

As for the third thing: If you’re interested in seeing more of EverPlanet, I intend to stream it whenever I play.  You can find this stream at: http://www.twitch.tv/Polantaris.  I stream the game at 1920×1200 resolution at a smooth 30FPS, so you can be sure to see a quality stream.  Feel free to stop by whenever.


That’s all I have to say about EverPlanet today.  Feel free to leave some comments or questions, and we’ll try to answer them.

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  1. December 24, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    how do i use my vpn for my browser . because i cannot play this game. i had it downloaded and have an account just cant get the site to let me play

    • Polantaris
      December 24, 2012 at 12:38 pm

      If you are using a proxy where you pick what applications to proxy, you must also proxy your browser. For example, if you use easy2game, just add internet explorer to the list of programs. If you are using packetix or something similar, it proxies your entire connection so there are no extra steps. If you are using something else, make a topic in the JapanMS forums and we will try to help you from there.

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