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Hayato and Kanna Rejoice!

All credits to Uni for extracting this information. How he did it, I have no idea. I can’t find the patch file on Nexon’s FTP server.
Anywho, it seems Hayato and Kanna are having their mastery levels for skills adjusted with this update. When Tempest first hit, Hayato and Kanna were screwed with their builds, as Nexon didn’t adjust the skill levels properly in correlation to the new job advancement level reductions. While we used to be able to max every single skill, we now had to find skills to sacrifice for the sake of the rest of the build. Now, however, it seems the very loud, angry out-roars of the players have reached Nexon’s ears… or they learned something for once (haha, just kidding!). Here are the skill adjustments coming with this update :
dankuusen Dankuusen : Level 20 → Level 15

Hiken Ikaru Hiken Ikaru : Level 20 → Level 10

Senpuuzan Senpuuzan : [Required : Dankuusen Level 20 → Level 15]

Shikigami Enbu Shikigami Enbu : Level 20 → Level 15

Enhou Haku Enhou Haku : Level 20 → Level 10

Gensei Haku Gensei Haku : [Required : Enhou Haku Level 20 → Level 10]

The formulas for each of the skills were also adjusted (presumably accordingly), but I can’t make out what any of it means. However, now Hayato and Kanna should be able to max out their 2nd job skills – with extra points left over, even! Apparently not. I will be holding off with updating my Hayato skill build until these changes are finalized and I can confirm them myself.
If you want to see more information about the changes that come with this update, feel free to visit Uni’s blog here : http://uniuni0216.blog106.fc2.com/blog-entry-2043.html

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  1. JMS Fan
    January 23, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    First, and Hey quick question does this mean hayato and kanna will be playable again from log in screen i played Hayato! But i really never got time to check out kanna.

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