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ShiKage’s Ultimate Hayato Guide

Hello and welcome to ShiKage’s Ultimate Hayato Guide. I will try to introduce all I know about Hayato within this post, so this will take a while to officially complete. I am intending to create an in-depth look at the class and all it has to offer. If you have any suggestions for this guide, please feel free to comment with those suggestions.


Hayato’s FAQs

Q. Is Hayato gender locked?
A. Yes, Hayato is gender locked to male. This does not mean players with female accounts cannot play Hayato. This just means the character itself is only playable as a male character.

Q. Is Hayato a time-limited class?
A. Yes, Hayato is a time-limited class.

Q. What weapon does Hayato use?
A. Hayato uses a Katana, with a Kodachi as his sub-weapon. The Kodachi can be scrolled for potential.

Q. What type of weapon is a Katana?
A. Katanas count as two-handed weapons.

Q. What is Hayato’s damage range formula?
A. Hayato’s damage range formula is 1.25*(4*STR+DEX)*(Attack/100)

Q. What is Hayato’s character card bonus?
A. Hayato’s character card bonus is +% minimum critical damage. 2% for B rank, 4% for A rank, 6% for S rank, and 8% for SS rank.

Q. What is Hayato’s link skill?
A. Hayato’s link skill is +10 all stats, +5 weapon attack. Magic attack is not included.

Skill Introduction

Beginner :

Natural Talent [Master Level : 1]
Description : Permanently increase speed by 20, increase max speed to 165, increase jump by 10, increase evasion by 20%, increase mastery by 60%, and increase Willpower to level 30.

Shippuu Denju [Master Level : 1]
Description : Increase all stats by 10 and weapon attack by 5. This skill can be shared with one other character on the account at any time. Limit one transfer a day.

Shippuu Samidarejin [Master Level : 1]
Description : Attack up to 15 enemies 6 times for 500% damage. When used, you will receive a +15% damage boost buff for 120 seconds.
[Cool Down Time] : 600 seconds

Defensive Attack [Master Level : 1]
Description : For every 100 points of defense you have, permanently increase your damage by 0.5%. For example, if you have 3,000 points of defense, you will gain a damage boost of 15%.
First Job :

Sanrenzan – Shi [Master Level : 20]
Description : Press the skill key continuously to attack up to three times, dealing 70% twice, 80% twice, and 100% three times to up to 4 targets.

Battoujutsu [Master Level : 20]
Description : When activated, it puts your character into a Battoujutsu style stance. This skill increases your critical rate by 25%, gives a 20% stun chance to all skills and increases your weapon attack speed by an increment of 1. This skill drains your MP by 1 every second at maximum level.

Renjinzan [Master Level : 15]
Description : Press the skill key to continuously attack up to 4 times at fast speeds, dealing 100% damage per hit.

Kengoudou [Master Level : 10]
Description : Permanently increase your STR and DEX by 30.
Second Job :

Sanrenzan – Puu [Master Level : 20]
[Required Skill : Sanrenzan – Shi Level 20]
Description : Press the skill key continuously to attack up to three times, dealing 100% twice, 120% twice, and 140% three times to up to 5 targets.

Shouryuusen [Master Level 15]
Description : Hit up to 6 enemies 5 times and knocks enemies into the air for 100% damage each hit. This skill can be connected with Dankuusen and Senpuuzan to create a special combination, which allows Dankuusen to hit criticals at a 100% rate.

Dankuusen [Master Level : 15]
[Required Skill : Shouryuusen Level 1 or higher]
Description : Dash forward and attack 6 enemies 4 times each for 170% damage each hit. It has a 100% critical rate if combined with Shouryuusen.

Hien [Master Level : 5]
Description : Double tap your up arrow key to leap into the air in a spinning fashion, hitting up to 8 enemies 4 times for 100% damage each hit.

Bushin Shourai [Master Level : 20]
Description : Increase attack by 15, increase HP and MP by 20%, increase speed by 20, and increase jump by 10 for 180 seconds.

Hiken – Hayabusa [Master Level : 10]
Description : Increase attacking speed for 200 seconds.

Hiken – Ikaru [Master Level : 10]
Description : Increase minimum and maximum critical hit damage by 25% and increase accuracy by 120.
Third Job :

Sanrenzan – Jin [Master Level : 20]
[Required Skill : Sanrenzan – Puu Level 20]
Description : Press the skill key continuously to attack up to three times, dealing 160% twice, 180% twice, and 200% three times to up to 6 targets.

Battoujutsu – Shingitai [Master Level : 20]
[Required Skill : Battoujutsu Level 20]
Description : Increase critical rate by 40% and increase stun chance by 40%. In addition, all monsters within the vicinity of your character will receive 160% damage continuously. Permanently increase weapon attack by 20.

Senpuuzan [Master Level : 20]
[Required Skill : Dankuusen Level 15]
Description : Hit up to 6 enemies 3 times for 380% damage. This skill can be combined with Shouryuusen to deal an addition 100% damage. In addition, Senpuuzan retains the ability to push enemies, similarly to skills like Rush. Passive effect : Dankuusen and Shouryuusen damage +50%.

Hikarasu [Master Level : 20]
Description : Attack up to 10 targets 6 times for 150% damage. You will be jut forward and back in a boomerang-like fashion, bringing in any monsters that survive. Adds a dramatic effect to the camera that will make the camera unable to follow you if you move too quickly.

Senpuu no Yaiba [Master Level : 20]
Description : Attack up to 8 enemies 7 times for 200% damage with a 100% critical rate. [Cool Down Time] : 4 seconds

Yanagi Yoke [Master Level : 10]
Description : Increase dodge rate by 25%. When you successfully evade an enemy’s attack, there’s a 60% chance to increase your damage by 6%. This buff can be stacked up to 5 times for a total of 30% damage.

Shintou Mekkyaku [Master Level : 10]
Description : When you hit an enemy with a critical hit, there’s a 30% success rate to recover 3% HP.

Kurenai Jubaku [Master Level : 10]
Description : When attacking a target, there’s a 20% chance to hit an enemy with a damage over time effect, dealing 150% damage every second for 5 seconds.
Fourth Job :

Sanrenzan – Rai [Master Level : 30]
[Required Skill : Sanrenzan – Jin Level 20]
Description : An upgraded version of previous Sanrenzan attacks. Press the skill key continuously to attack up to three times, dealing 220% twice, 250% twice, and 300% three times to up to 6 targets. In addition, at a 30% success rate, you will deal 410% damage with an extra hit to 6 targets. The extra attack numbers will show up as green numbers.
This skill does not require a Mastery Book.

Shinsoku Musou [Master Level : 30]
Description : Attacks a single target 10 times for 162% damage per hit.

Yousousen [Master Level : 20]
[Required Skill : Senpuuzan Level 20]
Description : Jump up into the air and quickly charge downward at enemies to do 190% damage to 8 targets 6 times. This attack can be combined with many other skills in your arsenal to greatly reduce delays and perform very fast and powerful attacks. In addition, Shouryuusen, Dankuusen, and Senpuuzan skill damages are increased by +100%.

Issen [Master Level : 30]
Description : Rush at your opponents with amazing speed and power. Hit up to 15 targets for 455% damage each hit. When used, receive a 40 second buff that increases your critical rate by 45%.
[Cool Down Time] : 90 seconds

Gouken [Master Level : 20]
Description : For 180 seconds, increase status effect resistance and elemental resistance by 50%.

Jinsoku [Master Level : 30]
Description : At a 45% success rate, when you successfully dodge an enemy’s attacks, you will receive a buff that will reduce the damage you take by 35%. In addition, your dodge rate will be increased by 40% passively.

Ittou Ryoudan [Master Level : 30]
Description : A passive buff that increases your ignore target defense stat by 35% and your total damage by 30%.

Akatsuki no Yuusha [Master Level : 30]
Description : Increases all stats by 15% for 900 seconds.
This skill does not require a Mastery Book.

Akatsuki no Sakura [Master Level : 5]
Description : Eliminate the seduce status effect.
[Cool Down Time] : 360 seconds
This skill does not require a Mastery Book.

Saki no Saki [Master Level : 15]
Description : When attacked, at a 20% success rate, your character will counter the enemy’s attack, hitting up to 3 targets for 195% damage.
This skill does not require a Mastery Book.

Guren Jubaku [Master Level : 10]
[Required Skill : Kurenai Jubaku Level 10]
Description : An upgraded version of Kurenai Jubaku; increases the activation rate to 30% and increases the damage over time to 170% per second for 5 seconds.
This skill does not require a Mastery Book.

First Job Skill Build

Sanrenzan – Shi
Level 10 : +1 Sanrenzan, +3 Battoujutsu, +1 Renjinzan
Level 11 : +3 Battoujutsu
Level 12 : +3 Battoujutsu
Level 13 : +3 Battoujutsu
Level 14 : +3 Battoujutsu
Level 15 : +3 Battoujutsu
Level 16 : +2 Battoujutsu (MAX), +1 Sanrenzan
Level 17 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 18 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 19 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 20 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 21 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 22 : +3 Sanrenzan (MAX)
Level 23 : +3 Kengoudou
Level 24 : +3 Kengoudou
Level 25 : +3 Kengoudou
Level 26 : +1 Kengoudou (MAX), +2 Renjinzan
Level 27 : +3 Renjinzan
Level 28 : +3 Renjinzan
Level 29 : +3 Renjinzan
Level 30 : +3 Renjinzan (MAX)

You max everything.

Explanation :

For starters, you will want to put a point in Sanrenzan, as it’s your main attacking skill. You should also grab Renjinzan, not for its damage, but for its mobility. You will rely on Renjinzan for your entire career as a Hayato, so get used to it! Next, max out Battoujutsu, because criticals are important for this class. VERY important. After you’ve maxed that, max out Sanrenzan, because adding more damage to it will help you kill mobs faster. Follow that up with Kengoudou for the extra STR and DEX bonuses. Finish off the build with Renjinzan. Renjinzan is saved for last, because its main use is for mobility.

Second Job Skill Build

Sanrenzan – Puu
Bushin Shourai
Hiken – Hayabusa
Hiken – Ikaru
Level 30 : +1 Sanrenzan, +1 Shouryuusen, +1 Dankuusen, +1 Hiken Hayabusa
Level 31 : +2 Hiken Hayabusa (3), +1 Hiken Ikaru
Level 32 : +3 Hiken Ikaru
Level 33 : +3 Hiken Ikaru
Level 34 : +3 Hiken Ikaru (MAX)
Level 35 : +3 Bushin Shourai
Level 36 : +3 Bushin Shourai
Level 37 : +3 Bushin Shourai
Level 38 : +3 Bushin Shourai
Level 39 : +3 Bushin Shourai
Level 40 : +3 Bushin Shourai
Level 41 : +2 Bushin Shourai (MAX), +1 Sanrenzan
Level 42 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 43 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 44 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 45 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 46 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 47 : +3 Sanrenzan (MAX)
Level 48 : +3 Dankuusen
Level 49 : +3 Dankuusen
Level 50 : +3 Dankuusen
Level 51 : +3 Dankuusen
Level 52 : +2 Dankuusen (MAX), +1 Hien
Level 53 : +3 Hien
Level 54 : +1 Hien (MAX), +2 Hiken Hayabusa
Level 55 : +3 Hiken Hayabusa
Level 56 : +2 Hiken Hayabusa (MAX), +1 Shouryuusen
Level 57 : +3 Shouryuusen
Level 58 : +3 Shouryuusen
Level 59 : +3 Shouryuusen
Level 60 : +3 Shouryuusen (14)

You max everything except Shouryuusen at 14 points.

Explanation :

Here, a point in Sanrenzan, Shouryuusen and Dankuusen are important. Why? Because Sanrenzan – Puu is a stronger version of its first job appearance, Shouryuusen is needed for Dankuusen, which is great for many reasons that I shouldn’t need to explain, and Hiken Hayabusa is booster. Being so, it’ll help you attack faster, making grinding go a lot faster. Go ahead and grab a couple more points in Hiken Hayabusa, because the increased duration will be very beneficial. After that, I would highly recommend maxing Hiken Ikaru, because the critical damage boost this skill gives is important. Follow that up with Bushin Shourai, for increased weapon attack, HP and MP. Then, start working on Sanrenzan, as its your best bet for killing mobs quickly and easily. Max Dankuusen next, because it gets a very nice damage boost with every point put into it. It’s a very powerful move, for what it accomplishes.

Then, I would suggest maxing Hien. This skill is great at earlier levels and all… but during my experience with the class and dealing with the English community at the time of Hayato’s release, most people are frustrated with this skill at the beginning. It takes a lot of getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s important. Moreover, most maps up until this point are completely horizontal, so there’s no excessive requirement for Hien by this point. Finish maxing Hiken Hayabusa at this point, for the nice duration boost. Then, finish off the build by putting the rest of your points in Shouryuusen. I saved Shouryuusen for last, because it’s the skill that doesn’t get maxed. You can feel free to do it earlier, but I would advise not putting the 15th point into it, because this is the skill that has the least impact later down the line.


Third Job Skill Build

Sanrenzan – Jin
Battoujutsu – Shingitai
Senpuu no Yaiba
Yanagi Yoke
Shintou Mekkyaku
Kurenai Jubaku
Level 60 : +1 Sanrenzan, +1 Senpuuzan, +1 Hikarasu, +1 Senpuu no Yaiba
Level 61 : Save 3 SP
Level 62 : +6 Shingitai
Level 63 : +3 Shingitai
Level 64 : +3 Shingitai
Level 65 : +3 Shingitai
Level 66 : +3 Shingitai
Level 67 : +2 Shingitai (MAX), +1 Senpuuzan
Level 68 : +3 Senpuuzan
Level 69 : +3 Senpuuzan
Level 70 : +3 Senpuuzan
Level 71 : +3 Senpuuzan
Level 72 : +3 Senpuuzan
Level 73 : +3 Senpuuzan (MAX)
Level 74 : +3 Shintou Mekkyaku
Level 75 : +3 Shintou Mekkyaku
Level 76 : +3 Shintou Mekkyaku
Level 77 : +1 Shintou Mekkyaku (MAX), +2 Yanagi Yoke
Level 78 : +3 Yanagi Yoke
Level 79 : +3 Yanagi Yoke
Level 80 : +2 Yanagi Yoke (MAX), +1 Sanrezan
Level 81 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 82 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 83 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 84 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 85 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 86 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 87 : +1 Sanrenzan (MAX), +2 Senpuu no Yaiba
Level 88 : +3 Senpuu no Yaiba
Level 89 : +3 Senpuu no Yaiba
Level 90 : +3 Senpuu no Yaiba
Level 91 : +3 Senpuu no Yaiba
Level 92 : +3 Senpuu no Yaiba
Level 93 : +1 Senpuu no Yaiba (MAX), +2 Kurenai Jubaku
Level 94 : +3 Kurenai Jubaku
Level 95 : +3 Kurenai Jubaku
Level 96 : +2 Kurenai Jubaku, +1 Hikarasu
Level 97 : +3 Hikarasu
Level 98 : +3 Hikarasu
Level 99 : +3 Hikarasu
Level 100 : +3 Hikarasu

Everything is maxed except for Hikarasu at 14.

Explanation :

Like with first and second job, grab a point in Sanrenzan, because it’s an upgrade to its previous form. Also, grab a point in Senpuuzan, Hikarasu and Senpuu no Yaiba. Senpuuzan and Hikarasu will be great tools for grinding, but Senpuu no Yaiba is mostly there for fun, since it has a delay. You can choose to swap that out for another skill if you wish. Now, at this point, I would highly advise saving a couple of skill points for a couple of levels. Why? Battoujutsu – Shingitai, being a passive boost to the first job skill, actually lowers the critical rate boost at lower levels. When you have 6 points available, I would suggest dumping them into it and then work on maxing the skill, because the critical rate it gives is very, very nice. Not to mention, Shingitai summons an glowing aura around your Hayato’s feet, which attacks any mob that comes within its attack radius.

After Shingitai is maxed, go for Senpuuzan. It’s great for combining it with Dankuusen to sweep out mobs and for damage. It’s a very powerful skill and once you get the skill, you’ll understand why I put this here. Next, I would say max Shintou Mekkyaku. This is your healing skill. This counts heavily on your ability to hit criticals, as it heals at a chance, based on critical hits. After Shintou Mekkyaku, I’d go with Yanagi Yoke, because it gives you a chance to dodge attacks. These two skills, as I’m sure you can see, are very important for survival. Next, max Sanrenzan, because it is your “main” attacking skill and is useful for many situations. After Sanrenzan, I’d go with Senpuu no Yaiba, because, at maximum level, it deals a great amount of damage and hits for a critical at a 100% rate. Being a character relying on critical hits, this skill is very useful. Go with Kurenai Jubaku next, as it is your damage over time skill, causing a bleeding effect on any target at a certain success rate. Finish off the build with Hikarasu.

The reason I chose Hikarasu for being not only last, but not to be maxed, is because it has the least negative impact of all skills later down the line. It’s great for puling in mobs, but Hayato will rarely, if ever, need this ability. It’s fun to use, but that’s basically the limit to it, later down the line.

Fourth Job Skill Build

Sanrenzan – Rai
Shinsoku Musou
Ittou Ryoudan
Akatsuki no Yuusha
Akatsuki no Sakura
Saki no Saki
Guren Jubaku
Level 100 : +1 Sanrenzan, +1 Shinsoku Musou, +1 Yousousen, +1 Issen
Level 101 : +1 Gouken, +1 Jinsoku, +1 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 102 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 103 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 104 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 105 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 106 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 107 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 108 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 109 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 110 : +3 Ittou Ryoudan
Level 111 : +2 Ittou Ryoudan (MAX), +1 Issen
Level 112 : +3 Issen
Level 113 : +3 Issen
Level 114 : +3 Issen
Level 115 : +3 Issen
Level 116 : +3 Issen
Level 117 : +3 Issen
Level 118 : +3 Issen
Level 119 : +3 Issen
Level 120 : +3 Issen
Level 121 : +1 Issen (MAX), +2 Sanrenzan
Level 122 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 123 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 124 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 125 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 126 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 127 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 128 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 129 : +3 Sanrenzan
Level 130 : +3 Sanrenzan (MAX)
Level 131 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 132 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 133 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 134 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 135 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 136 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 137 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 138 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 139 : +3 Jinsoku
Level 140 : +2 Jinsoku (MAX), +1 Yousousen
Level 141 : +3 Yousousen
Level 142 : +3 Yousousen
Level 143 : +3 Yousousen
Level 144 : +3 Yousousen
Level 145 : +3 Yousousen
Level 146 : +3 Yousousen (MAX)
Level 147 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 148 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 149 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 150 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 151 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 152 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 153 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 154 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 155 : +3 Akatsuki no Yuusha
Level 156 : +2 Akatsuki no Yuusha (29), +1 Akatsuki no Sakura
Level 157 : +3 Akatsuki no Sakura
Level 158 : +1 Akatsuki no Sakura (MAX), +2 Guren Jubaku
Level 159 : +3 Guren Jubaku
Level 160 : +3 Guren Jubaku
Level 161 : +2 Guren Jubaku (MAX), +1 Saki no Saki
Level 162 : +3 Saki no Saki
Level 163 : +3 Saki no Saki
Level 164 : +3 Saki no Saki
Level 165 : +3 Saki no Saki
Level 166 : +2 Saki no Saki (MAX), +1 Gouken
Level 167 : +3 Gouken
Level 168 : +3 Gouken
Level 169 : +3 Gouken
Level 170 : +3 Gouken
Level 171 : +3 Gouken
Level 172 : +2 Gouken (MAX), +1 Shinsoku Musou
Level 173 : +3 Shinsoku Musou
Level 174 : +3 Shinsoku Musou
Level 175 : +3 Shinsoku Musou
Level 176 : +3 Shinsoku Musou
Level 177 : +3 Shinsoku Musou
Level 178 : +3 Shinsoku Musou
Level 179 : +3 Shinsoku Musou
Level 180 : +3 Shinsoku Musou
Level 181 : +3 Shinsoku Musou
Level 182 : +2 Shinsoku Musou (MAX)

Everything is maxed.

Explanation :

As with the previous job advancements, dump one point into your new attacking skills. They’ll be quite fun to play around with. 1 point in Gouken will help slightly with status effects. 1 point in Jinsoku will increase your dodge rate by 11%, which is a major plus. After that, I suggest maxing Ittou Ryoudan. This is the best thing you can max. +35% ignore target defense and +30% damage is the biggest boost of your build. This is also the skill I suggest spending your free mastery book on it, assuming you make your character during the event period. After Ittou Ryoudan is maxed, I suggest going for Issen. When Issen is used, it will give you +45% critical rate for 40 seconds. This is huge. Any Hayato using this skill should have close to, if not a 100% critical rate with this bonus applied. As I’ve said before, critical rate is perhaps one of the biggest boosts you can give to your DPS – especially when Hayato has a minimum critical damage of 135% and a maximum of 175%. That’s not even taking into account a possible Sharp Eyes buff you may receive at any given time, or Hayato’s character card, which gives +6% minimum critical damage between levels 100 and 199, boosting the minimum to 141%.

After that, I suggest maxing Sanrenzan. It’s your best and main attacking skill and is your single highest single target DPS skill you have. After that, I suggest maxing Jinsoku. Jinsoku, when activated, reduces the damage you take by 35%. It also increases your dodge rate by 40%. This is huge. When you successfully dodge an attack, you have a 60% chance to receive a buff that increases your damage by 6%, which can stack up to 5 times, giving a total of 30% damage, so the more dodge you have, the higher chance you have to get a 30% damage boost. After Jinsoku, the normal is to go with Yousousen. Yousousen provides a lot of chaining abilities and can give a very nice DPS boost if used correctly (see JoeTang’s thread on skill chaining for details).

After Yousousen is maxed, I suggest going with Akatsuki no Yuusha. Akatsuki no Yuusha is Hayato’s version of Maple Hero. However, it does not require a skill book. For this reason, I personally maxed it sooner, because of skill book prices. However, if this is not an issue for you, this is the appropriate time to max it. +15% all stats is always a nice boost in damage. After that, pop 5 points into Akatsuki no Sakura, because around this level, it will be important for surviving any bosses you may face, as most bosses these days have Seduce. Having maxed Akatsuki no Sakura will help a LOT with surviving against Seduce.

After that, I suggest going with Guren Jubaku. This skill also does not require a mastery book, as it is only 10 points to max. However, it is not all that much of a damage boost over Kurenai Jubaku, which is why it is not maxed earlier in the build. After that, Saki no Saki is a nice damage boost, as any time you receive damage, you have a 20% chance to reflect the damage, dealing 195% of your damage range in damage. However, as I said before, it unfortunately does not safeguard your HP, which is why this is not maxed earlier. This skill also does not require a mastery book.

After Saki no Saki, I suggest going with Gouken, as it is the only viable skill left. It’s, at max, a 50% chance to ignore status effects and a 50% elemental resistance boost. It’s nice, but it’s not all that required, in comparison to earlier skills. After that, dump your remaining points into Shinsoku Musou. Shinsoku Musou is quite a useless skill, really. It’s fun and it does better damage than Sanrenzan at level 1. However, when maxed, Sanrenzan does better DPS and hits more times per second than Shinsoku Musou, rendering Shinsoku Musou pretty much useless. Basically, it’s a filler skill.

Skill Combinations

The thing about Hayato is, this class was built for combining skills together. He has quite a large variety of ways to combine his many skills together for tasks such as getting around maps quickly, killing off mobs quicker, and taking down bosses with the highest damage possible. In this section, I will try to explain each of these combinations.
Renjinzan x3
This one is very important. This is how you will get from point A to point B on a horizontal platform as quickly as possible. Pressing the Renjinzan key three times, then having a very slight pause, then pressing it three times again will make Hayato cast the first swing of the skill the place of where the 4th swing would be cast. You see, if you were to cast the 4th swing of the blade, there would be a massive delay, preventing you from using it again, which limits your ability to get across the map in record time.

Renjinzan x# + Dankuusen
This combination is probably one of the most basic : using Dankuusen to extend the area of the map you cover when using your skills for mobility. This works no matter how many times you press the Renjinzan key. This combination is great for killing mobs as you move from point A to point B on a horizontal platform, but there will be a delay when you use Dankuusen, preventing this from being the absolute best combination for movement speed. Plus, after testing, Dankuusen does not cover nearly the same distance as Renjinzan x3 does.

Shouryuusen + Dankuusen
This is another basic combination. In fact, it’s so basic, it’s labeled in the skills themselves. Simply, cast Shouryuusen to launch monsters into the air, then quickly press the Dankuusen key to have Hayato automatically jump into the air and charge at the targets, dealing a critical for every hit at a 100% rate.

Shouryuusen + Senpuuzan
This is another pretty basic combination. It follows the same exact trend as Shouryuusen + Dankuusen. You simply use Shouryuusen to launch monsters into the air, then press the Senpuuzan key to have Hayato charge at the targets in mid-air. The difference with this combination is that it is more powerful, due to the nature of Senpuuzan.

Hien + Dankuusen
This is yet another basic combination. This is great for getting to elevated areas, such as higher platforms and whatnot. Following with Dankuusen will allow you to sweep out any enemies on the platform you’re aiming for. Moreover, this combination is great for traversing through maps where relying on Renjinzan x3 would not be possible (from the top of my head, the Abandoned Mine and Cave of Trial maps leading to Zakum would be an example of this).

Hien + Senpuuzan
This is basically the same as Hien + Dankuusen. The only difference is that Senpuuzan allows for stronger attacks, is a little slower, and it actually pushes you upward a little, unlike Dankuusen, which is entirely horizontal. This can be used to get up on higher platforms that would be normally out of reach with just Hien alone.

Hien + Yousousen
This combination will grant you the best vertical height of any other combination you can fathom. This is amazing for getting up on higher platforms that would be out of reach otherwise. A properly timed Yousousen, at peak height after using Hien, will allow you to get to places most classes can’t go. Of course, this doesn’t match up to Mechanic’s thrusters, the Nova class’ chain skills, or anything like that, but it’ll give you a significant advantage over other classes if used properly.

Hikarasu + Dankuusen
This is probably the most commonly used combination for third job training. Hikarasu is great for pulling in mobs and Dankuusen is great for finishing them off. Both skills deal great amounts of damage and are pretty quick. Moreover, you can queue Dankuusen after pressing the Hikarasu skill key to attack immediately after Hikarasu’s animation is finished, to reduce delay time. The only negative to this combination is that Hikarasu makes your camera slow down to the point where it doesn’t follow your character around very well. You might see yourself flying off-camera quite a bit.

Yousousen + Dankuusen
Like me, you will probably start out in fourth job grinding using this combination. It’s quick and it’s simple. Yousousen hits for great damage and Dankuusen is great for movement and damage. Together, they offer insane sweeping ability to knock out all mobs on a single platform in record time.

Yousousen + Senpuuzan + Dankuusen
This is my favorite sweeping skill combination. It covers a great amount of area while basically killing everything in your path. All three of the skills are very powerful and are quick. It’s a lot like the Yousousen + Dankuusen combination, but it’s more effective for killing stronger enemies or just sweeping out an entire platform.

Yousousen + Sanrenzan
This is the best combination for maximum DPS. Using Sanrenzan immediately after Yousousen reduces the delay for the transition between the skills, allowing for the two skills to look as if they’re just one skill.

Issen + Dankuusen
This one is a little less necessary than any other combination. Considering Issen covers a very large amount of area and has a chance to one-hit kill any targets within its path, the usage of Dankuusen will likely never be necessary. However, following Issen with Dankuusen will reduce the delay you see at the end of Issen. Personally, I like to see that delay, because it looks badass, but that’s just my opinion.

Tips and Advice


  • I would advise pressing the key for Renjinzan for each separate hit, rather than holding the key down, because it makes it a lot easier to control.

  • Renjinzan has invulnerability frames. I would highly suggest making use of this as much as possible.

  • Renjinzan can be used in special maps, such as jump quests, Zakum’s prerequisite’s stage 1, and the like. In fact, it’s your only move that you can really defend yourself with in those maps, as everything else is disabled.

  • Learn to control Hien. Jumping, then tapping ↑↑, will grant you a lot more height than using it from the ground. Moreover, after you’ve jumped into the air, you can control how high you get Hien to go by executing it with proper timing. If your character is starting to fall, for example, executing Hien will give you a lesser height gain than using it at the peak of a jump. This is extremely useful for many cases.

  • Using attacks in mid-air after using Hien will prevent you from hitting a massive delay when you land. Just about any attack will do.

  • You can temporarily fix the camera issue with Hikarasu by adjusting the resolution you play MapleStory in, by changing channels, by going to different maps, or anything else that would reset the screen.

  • Issen can be used to prevent Papulatus from going into his shell, when he uses his 1/1 attack. Time Issen so it hits Papulatus right when he casts 1/1 and he’ll stay vulnerable.

  • The Yousousen + Sanrenzan combination will not be available in all situations. In some situations, you may find yourself spamming Sanrenzan over and over, due to either the terrain, the bosses’/monsters’ hit boxes, having to deal with other party members, and stuff like that. It is, however, extremely effective for damage when it is possible to use it.

  • Pushing monsters around using Senpuuzan can be a frustrating experience, when Battoujutsu’s attack radius is hitting the target. I would suggest using Sanrenzan on the target, then follow up with Senpuuzan, in order to get it to move where you want it to go.

  • Saki no Saki currently has a bug in JMS. When it activates at Horntail, it will disconnect you, giving you a hacking error. There’s no chance of actually getting banned due to this, but until this is fixed, I would suggest not putting points into this skill, if you plan on going to Horntail at all.

  • Be creative. If you’re not creative with this class, you’ll likely not get the most out of it. The more creative you are with your combinations, the more fun it will be. The combinations I have listed are only some of what you can pull off, so experiment!

  • Always remember : Hayato has many ways to play it, but only those who can master it will get the most out of it. Never give up. Keep trying.

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    1. bbbbbbb
      February 19, 2013 at 11:41 am

      nice guide

      • ShiKage08
        February 19, 2013 at 3:56 pm

        Thank you.

    2. James
      February 21, 2013 at 10:37 am

      Thank you for taking the time to share your hayato wisdom. I always would watch jms hayato videos in envy. Then i’d look at jett and want to puke lol. Gonna reference this guide a lot when we get him, can’t wait.

    3. Peter
      February 23, 2013 at 5:43 pm

      I heard this class, along with Kanna, will be in GMS! I’m excited!

    4. Dark Evan
      February 24, 2013 at 12:07 am

      I’m assuming that, since you made this guide on the announcement of KANNA’s release, and your posting on basil that Kanna < Hayato, that the teleport glitch STILL isn't fixed in JMS yet, huh? How close was my deduction? If you don't mind, I have Kanna related questions, First, I know you can equip gears to Haku in a special window, and that you can equip a second Fan to him, so I was wondering, what other gears can you equip? Probably armor, but more specifically? Can he equip shoes, gloves, hats, overalls, and/or capes? (I'm hoping for full empress capabilities) Also, can you confirm/disprove my suspicions about Spiritual Power? People assume that, because it's alternate MP, and because Shisen Gyouha resembles Demon Lash, Kanna basically DS, but I'm assuming its a bit different since Kanna probs has 100 SP for her entire career, and bc Kanna has a default skill that recovers 50 SP every 4 secs, I'm assuming that natural recovery is how one gains SP, also, I heard Kanna's summons also heal her SP, is that true?

      • February 25, 2013 at 11:02 am

        -You can only equip fans to Haku.
        -It has been a while since I’ve played my Kanna, but I believe the only way to recover her Spiritual Power is via that beginner skill, which means you have to use it wisely. She doesn’t have summons in the same sense as other classes, so there’s no healing from those.

        • Dark Evan
          February 25, 2013 at 8:00 pm

          Have you checked to see if they fixed the Teleport DC glitch? I’m assuming that said glitch is the reason because your 3rd job Kanna video made it seem like that glitch is why you grew sick of Kanna very rapidly, especially since in the video with the 2nd job skill demonstration you said you thought that you might like Kanna even more than Hayato (that was your video, right? Or am I thinking of someone else’s?) and that said love might be due to your love of mages, and there’s really only one defining trait all mages share: the ability to telecast, which means that since that glitch removes Kanna’s ability to do so, it is most likely what ruined her for you, and if the glitch has been fixed by now, you should give her another shot

    5. TamerX
      February 25, 2013 at 3:37 am

      all good and about Skill Combinations i just say get ur won Combinations its better ..

      • February 25, 2013 at 10:59 am

        “won Combinations?” What are you talking about?

    6. JMSfan
      February 25, 2013 at 11:46 pm

      i think he mean “own”

    7. Randomidiot
      February 26, 2013 at 6:41 pm

      I noticed you stopped replying in your other hayato guide. Sorry if this is considered posting twice but does saki no saki have a small animation delay when used or is it more like power guard? If it does, isn’t it more detrimental to their damage?

      • February 26, 2013 at 6:47 pm

        It works exactly like Power Guard. It has no effect on your attacks.

    8. Randomidiot
      March 6, 2013 at 1:24 pm

      Is the sheath for Hayatos trade-able like mercedes’ arrow?

      • ShiKage08
        March 6, 2013 at 4:59 pm

        Yes, they are. 😛

        Edit : These emotes are creepy.

    9. Somebody246
      March 12, 2013 at 6:07 pm

      Can you de-sticky this? I missed two of your posts because I was under the impression this was the most recent because it was on top. . .

    10. Dark Evan
      March 13, 2013 at 12:02 pm

      Hey Shikage, what does Shikage translate to? Something Shadow or shadow something right? Because I’m pretty sure Kage means shadow.

    11. Izanagi
      March 14, 2013 at 8:27 am

      One combo I like to use, as sometimes Hikarasu+Dankuusan doesn’t completely kill whatever I’m training on during third job, is Hikarasu+Sanrenzan. Because when you just use Hikarasu, it leaves you facing the group you’ve just bunched up which is perfect for Sanrenzan.

    12. jason
      March 14, 2013 at 3:11 pm

      does hayato have hyper skills?

    13. Randomidiot
      April 12, 2013 at 11:04 am

      This may be a little off topic but to make the lvl 150 Sengoku weapons, do you need “Condensed Spirit” and “Spirit Stone of the Sixth Sky” and if so where would they be obtainable?

    1. February 18, 2013 at 3:05 pm

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