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EverPlanet Information

December 18, 2012 2 comments

As ShiKage has mentioned in an earlier post, him and I would like to try and create a community for EverPlanet.  I have three things to share with everyone in regards to this game, in hopes of creating more of a community for it.

The first is an explanation of the game, and what you can expect to see if you were to play it.
Disclaimer: I will compare this to MapleStory a lot, since this is mainly a MapleStory blog, I assume you guys will understand my point and references more easily when I compare it to MS.
EverPlanet is a top-down perspective MMORPG.  It has a unique feature, especially affecting the camera, in which everywhere you are is a small (in comparison to reality) Planet.  Each Planet is a different area in the game, and also you can see this effect on the camera, as it has a spherical effect in the terrain.  There are currently seven Planets in the universe, with a maximum level in the game of 100, however the areas extend until about 80 from what I can tell.

EverPlanet, unlike MapleStory, is completely quest driven.  From the very beginning of the game you are given many quests, and an amazingly well-built UI that can guide you through just about every single quest.  There are some exceptions, where you must figure it out yourself if you cannot read Japanese, however 95-99% of the quests have simple UI indications and other features to help you out.  For example, monsters that are part of quests have a yellow pointer above them.  Terrain objects that are part of quests glow yellow.  If you need to use items or do special things to monsters, you will see an item use indicator when said monster or object reaches the required criteria.  For example, some monsters require a certain percentage of health for an item to be activated and the quest to be continued.
What does this do for the game itself?  It makes it fun.  You’re always doing something, you’re always going to new areas and experiencing new things.  The quests can change up all the time too, and you’re often doing something you haven’t before.  Compare this to MapleStory where you’re often just grinding the same monster over and over until Level X, where you move on to a new monster until Level Y.  It provides a unique experience that many MMOs lack.
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[Everplanet] Tuesday, December 11th Update Maintenance

December 10, 2012 2 comments

Thank you very much for your daily patronage of ‘Everplanet.’
There will be an update maintenance conducted on Tuesday, December 11th, from 9:00 ~ 15:00 (That is Monday, December 10th, from 7:00pm until Tuesday, December 11th, at 1:00am Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5))
Please be aware that you will not be able to log into the game during the maintenance.
Furthermore, the following will be added or amended with this update.
 ・3 types of 3rd job advancements (Dark Slayer, Warlock, Shadow Assassin)
  ※To go with the 3rd job advancement addition, all jobs will have their skill points reset after the maintenance.
   Please be cautious of your usage of skill points.

 ・3rd job quests have been added.
 ・New quests for the world “Rabine.”
 ・The “Ice Castle” dungeon has been addd.
 ・The Vampire class will have its skill damage and defense adjusted for more balanced play.
 ・In-game items have been added.
 ・Point items have been added.
 ・Items for the Polo’s Toy Box have been renewed.
 ・New campaigns will be started.
 ・The following point item sales will end.
   Important Box Key
   Fantastic Cat Summoning Ticket
 ・The following point items will have a discount sale.
   Character Slot Expansion Card
 ・The following bugs will be fixed.
   Issues related to transferring equipment in the premium world.
We apologize to everyone for the inconvenience and we ask for your understanding and cooperation.
Please continue to play ‘Everplanet.’
Everplanet Management Team
Source : アップデートメンテナンスのお知らせ

Introducing Everplanet Support!

December 10, 2012 5 comments

Polantaris and I have been playing Everplanet on and off for over a year now. It’s a very fun game that’s very much like MapleStory, with 2D sprites in a 3D model world. The Japanese version of the game went into closed beta early last year and I’ve been very fond of it since! We really want to get more players to join us, if possible, so I will be doing coverage on Everplanet news on this site as well. Who knows! Maybe I’ll do some Youtube videos, explaining features of the game, the general rundown of the game, information on each of the classes, and more, if there’s enough interest in it.

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